Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Do’s and Don’ts of the Holiday Season!?!

For s**** and giggles and just before the Metal Noise Awards Season begins, we’ve put together some tenuous linked Do’s and Don’ts of the Holiday Season to provide a welcome comedic Metal break from… what you usually read while regretting eating that fifth mince pie with Salted Caramel cream, probably sat on the golden throne. Don’t say we don’t treat you right! That Metal Noise Awards Season starts on 26th December for 5 days, with 5 bands in 5 categories getting props from us for something that happened in 2019!

1. Do – drink “Shot After Shot” during the holiday season. You never know when you might see some of the friends and family again afterwards. This song is what we call a Deez Nuts banger. They do know how to do them and when they do them right, you want to sing-a-long and get into your two step groove!

2. Don’t – cut yourself while wrapping or unwrapping a Christmas gift. Your Auntie Joan might have bought you (or made you) that ugly, itchy Christmas sweater but don’t go bleeding all over it straight away. “Papercut“, a Nu-Metal classic from Linkin Park. Rest in Peace Chester Bennington, for you are missed.

3. Do – check out a new Metal cover of a classic Christmas Pop song. It’s a decent way of discovering new artists and what could improve your Christmas Spirit more than a few choice riffs? Lauren Babic of Red Handed Denial recorded this version of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey.

4. Don’t – Get buried by Christmas. Christmas is a time for warmth and laughter, for family and friends. There isn’t any room for feeling under pressure to get people that you love gifts that you can’t afford to pay for. There is no need to put stuff on credit last minute and spend the next 3 months paying it off. This Wednesday 13 track is our favorite Christmas Hymn.

5. Do – Last but not least – get the shots in for the boys at the New Years Party! Party like it’s 1999! Our shots of choice are Jägermeister or Fireball straight up, none of this “bomb” business. So pass the bottle! This piece has been sponsored by Fireball Whiskey. Get your Cinnamon fix with the Limp Bizkit mix or just go straight Party Deathcore with Attila!

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