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NEWS: Red Handed Denial go deluxe!

Including a pair of previously unreleased tracks, a demo, a remix and the album in instrumental form, the deluxe version of “Redeemer” from Canadian Progressive Metallers Red Handed Denial is out now. Celebrating that release the band have unveiled a performance music video for “Elysium“. The band entered the studio in May with a board

NEWS: Red Handed Denial return to wandering…

Going next level with the nostalgia are Canadian Progressive Metallers Red Handed Denial who have dropped the directors cut version of their music video for “Trespasser” on its third anniversary. They’ve injected some deleted scenes to the video for the track that appears on their 2016 record “Wanderer” which is noted for the presence of

Playthrough: “Limbo Concious” from Red Handed Denial!

Celebrating the release of the deluxe edition of their album “Redeemer“, Canadian Progressive Metallers Red Handed Denial have given guitarist Chris Mifsud the task of creating a music video. He chose to record a guitar playthrough for “Limbo Concious“, one of a pair of new tracks that appear on the record that now passes the

Listmania: Top #5 Christmas Metal Songs of 2020!

The start of our awards season is here! This time out we’re cutting “Top #5 Live Bands of 2020!” from the awards for obvious reasons and it’s replacement is this, our countdown of the our “Top #5 Christmas Metal Songs of 2020” and if it’s popular, who knows, it could be here to stay! So

Review: “Garden of Eden” by Curimus

It has been a long and winding road for Finnish Death Thrash group Curimus. Formed in 2004 and calling the small town of Loimaa their home, they churned out four demos before making waves with the debut album which finally arrived in 2012 entitled “Realization” which was swiftly followed by 2014’s “Artificial Revolution” before things

NEWS: Red Handed Denial on the phone!

Canadian Alternative Progressive Metallers Red Handed Denial have been known for a love of pop music so they’ve decided to knock on Fearless Records door and try out for a spot on the next edition of their long playing compilation “Punk Goes Pop“. Their track of choice? A cover of “Telephone“, a hit for Lady

Interview: Red Handed Denial Q&A!

Taking a slightly unorthodox route, Canadian Progressive Metallers Red Handed Denial asked fans to e-mail in questions for them to get together and do a group chat about. So when Lauren Babic auditioned for the band, she nailed a cover of “Bloodmeat” by Protest The Hero and scared away someone else who auditioned. Who knew?

Documentary: Red Handed Denial gear guide for vocals #1!

Part one of a two part special on how to record vocals from Red Handed Denial vocalist Lauren Babic dives right into the gear you need and she recommends for recording at home or in your rehearsal space. We’ve got our fingers crossed that she’s working on new material with her Progressive Metal act as

Playthrough: “Elysium” from Red Handed Denial!

As Canadian Progressive Metallers Red Handed Denial celebrate the one year anniversary of their album “Redeemer“, they’ve shared a guitar and bass playthrough video for “Elysium“. Filmed by frontwoman Lauren Babic with Audio Mixed and Mastered by Lee Albrecht, it could also be an advert for ESP, Dingwall or Fast Guitars…

Bootleg: “Empire” from Red Handed Denial!

Following the success of “Redeemer“, Canadian female fronted Progressive Metalcore act Red Handed Denial headed down to the US for a run of summer shows. Alex Lam shot this video of “Empire” at Soundbar in Orlando Florida and have shared a list of 2020 shows here. Lauren Babic has been busy covering Christmas Songs so