Listmania: Top #5 Christmas Metal Songs of 2020!

The start of our awards season is here! This time out we’re cutting “Top #5 Live Bands of 2020!” from the awards for obvious reasons and it’s replacement is this, our countdown of the our “Top #5 Christmas Metal Songs of 2020” and if it’s popular, who knows, it could be here to stay! So crack open a cold one and have a little read and a little listen, it’s time to get into the Christmas spirits with Jägermeister, Fireball Whisky and Jack Daniels all on the menu…

Firstly we have to salute ChuggaBoom who counted down their entirety of advent with 22 brand new tracks, each one appearing on a separate day alongside a weekly roundup interview session. Their efforts are to be applauded, with everything ranging from Slam vocals to a Hello Kitty acoustic guitar getting dusted off. Here’s their rendition of “Christmas Time (Don’t Be A Bell End” by The Darkness, our pick for this list.

Our second choice has to be the collaboration between Dakesis and Fury that is “I Believe In Father Christmas“. The Birmingham bands both dropped new albums in the year of the Great Plague only to have their touring plans pulled out from under their feet. So they did what they do best and created a Christmas song.

Canadian Metallers Red Handed Denial have been on our radar for a long time, admittedly at first due to the vocal talents of Lauren Babic, a regular YouTube collaborator with other artists, but then they won our hearts in their own right with their impressive “Redeemer” album in 2019. This year they’ve chosen to be saved from tears by Wham and “Last Christmas“.

Probably inevitable that Metalcore favourites August Burns Red would appear on this list somewhere. They’re lovers of the festive season and have more Christmas songs down than we’ve had hot dinners. This time around they chose the classic that has earned Mariah Carey more than $60 million in “All I Want For Christmas Is You“; not sure about that cover photo though, Jake Luhrs should stick to his day job…

Leo Moracchioli has dropped 52 fresh cover songs this year from Frog Leap Studios and after “Rocking Around The Christmas Tree” three years ago, he had a long way to go to top it, but he did with a cover of Meredith Wilson’s “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas“. We can not wait to see Frog Leap live back on the road in 2021 as Leo knows how to bring the Party Metal vibe! Keep those peepers peeled, tomorrow will see the next installment of Listmaina!

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