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NEWS: ChuggaBoom go green screen with “FML”!

2022 album “Death Pledge” may not have reached its first anniversary as yet but that hasn’t stopped Metalcore monsters ChuggaBoom continuing the churn out new singles at a phenomenal rate. Currently on the road on the “The Masked Monstour” with InRetrospect the band have dropped their sixth track since that record in “FML” which gets… a little

NEWS: Dropout Kings vandalise “No Rules, No Limits” by ChuggaBoom!

As last November’s “Death Pledge” album fast approaches its first anniversary, Metalcore merchants ChuggaBoom have shared a reworked rendition of “No Rules, No Limits” that finds US Trap Metal masters Dropout Kings jumping on the track. The band are warming up for a run of October UK shows titled “The Masked Monstour” with InRetrospect but

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Barbie?!

There is no way that director Greta Gerwig or stars Margo Robbie and Ryan Gosling knew what they were letting themselves in for when they signed up the turn Mattel’s Barbie into a live action fantasy comedy. Now they’ve given the World something with enough nauseating bubblegum pink to cause retinas to burn, they have

NEWS: ChuggaBoom. InRetrospect. October!

InRetrospect have announced they will be providing main support to the greatest Metalcore act on the Planet ChuggaBoom for “The Masked Mons-tour” tour in October. Question is, who is going to reprise InVisions frontman Ben Ville’s role when they play “The Hatred“? Become a Chuggalo, or get left behind.

NEWS: ChuggaBoom love the smell of Napalm in the morning!

The fourth single from the upcoming new album “Death Pledge” from ChuggaBoom titled “The Hatred” finds the Metalcore heroes joined by Ben Ville of InVisions and has of course appeared complete with a music video that matches the fire of the track… With fire. Tickets for the album release show. which sees the band joined by

NEWS: ChuggaBoom ruminate on what should have been…

Of all the guests in all the World, Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens is the one that a band who describe themselves as the greatest Metalcore band on Earth ChuggaBoom have chosen to appear on their new single “Should Have Been“. It follows the anthemic and bloody “I Don’t Wanna” out of the gate

NEWS: ChuggaBoom don’t want…

The Greatest Metalcore Band on Earth? Probably. While we enjoy a crisp clean Carlsberg, ChuggaBoom have begun the era of the Death Pledge with “I Don’t Wanna” and come Monday morning, we too will be smashing our alarm clock in fear of what the day might bring. It’s their first new cut since last year’s

Interview: ChuggaBoom talk tourland with The Mike James Rock Show!

After the complete re-recording of their 2015 debut album “Zodiac Arrest” followed an astonishing Christmas album that has to be witnessed to be believed, ChuggaBoom are once again on the road with Our Hollow Our Home, For I Am King and TheCityIsOurs. So what better time for The Mike James Rock Show to catch up