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Interview: ChuggaBoom talk tourland with The Mike James Rock Show!

After the complete re-recording of their 2015 debut album “Zodiac Arrest” followed an astonishing Christmas album that has to be witnessed to be believed, ChuggaBoom are once again on the road with Our Hollow Our Home, For I Am King and TheCityIsOurs. So what better time for The Mike James Rock Show to catch up

NEWS: Its all tears for TheCityIsOurs…

Back on the road with Our Hollow Our Home after an 18 month period that has seen them announce new vocalist Oli Duncanson, record a new album in “Coma” Produced and mixed by Oz Craggs at Hidden Track Studios and Mastered by Ermin Hamidovic at Systematic Productions and announce their signing with Arising Empire, the

NEWS: ChuggaBoom play the coat card…

In loving memory of their friend Tom Osborne, ChuggaBoom have premiered a music video for the new version of “Fat Guy In A Little Coat“. The song itself will take pride of place in the bands entirely re-recorded version of their 2015 album “Zodiac Arrest“, the cunningly titled “Zodiac Re-Arrested” and unlike the first time,

NEWS: “Ohana Means Home” for ChuggaBoom!

…with just over a month to go before “Zodiac Re-Arrest“, a complete re-recording of theĀ  debut album from ChuggaBoom mastered by the incredible Joel Wanasek being released the band have chosen “Ohana Means Home” for the full music video treatment. The album will be the bands first to appear on vinyl before they join Our

NEWS: Our Hollow Our Home search for better days…

…and lets face it, most of us are right now because life during the Pandemic is lacking in pizazz. In the words of JJ Peters, all we want to do is party and bulls*** and all we have is Costa Del Sofa. Well very soon our s*** is going to be like radiator water once

NEWS: ChuggaBoom re-create perfection!

What do you do when you can’t tour and you’re bored of video games, beer and pizza? After 6 years long years the 16-bit Super Nintendo Metalcore classic music video “Mad Skills Brah!” has been resurrected from the graveyard as ChuggaBoom have completely re-recorded their debut album. Mastered by Joel Wanasek and rebranded “Zodiac Re-Arrest”

NEWS: ChuggaBoom feed the Gremlins…

…The final installment of the Chuggmas Extravaganza from ChuggaBoom sees them pay homage to another 80’s classic in Gremlins as they throw their “Christmas Number Ones” album to the Wolves on Christmas Day, 22 tracks and nearly an hour of complete and utter Metalcore madness for your listening pleasure. Hopefully come September and November 2021

Listmania: Top #5 Christmas Metal Songs of 2020!

The start of our awards season is here! This time out we’re cutting “Top #5 Live Bands of 2020!” from the awards for obvious reasons and it’s replacement is this, our countdown of the our “Top #5 Christmas Metal Songs of 2020” and if it’s popular, who knows, it could be here to stay! So

NEWS: It’s a “Silent Night” for ChuggaBoom!

One verse of Deathcore leaning “Silent Night” from ChuggaBoom is very much an anti-Christmas anthem which you need in your life. Their album “Christmas Number Ones” will see the cold light of day real soon and is available for pre-order here. Today is day #21 of the 22 day Chuggmas Extravaganza which means that the

NEWS: ChuggaBoom tell “The Story of Christmas”!

Day #20 of 22 and the official, real, story of Chuggmas has been bestowed upon us by ChuggaBoom. You know it ain’t right. You know it’s gonna be ugly. But the truth is, like the finest of white knuckle rollercoaster rides, you just can’t let go and will cling on for dear life to the