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Review: “Trinity” by The Gloom In The Corner

“There are various depictions of Hell, generally focussed around fire and brimstone, pure evil, and sonically brooding or crushingly heavy. Our version of Hell runs differently; it’s chaotic, it’s operatic, and it’s different for every character. Time is inconsistent, non-linear, shifting backwards and forwards without warning. Welcome to the Rabbit Hole” ~ Mikey Arthur

NEWS: The Gloom In The Corner open the box…

A fourth single titled “Pandora’s Box” and featuring a guest vocal appearance from Lauren Babic of Red Handed Denial has appeared from the upcoming 28th October releasing album “Trinity” from Australian cinema-core specialists The Gloom In The Corner. The album is one that finds the band joined by a myriad of guests as they tell

NEWS: The Gloom In The Corner announce the “New Order”!

The highly anticipated upcoming new album “Trinity” from Australians The Gloom In The Corner which sees them joined by a stunning cast of guests has seen another single released in “New Order”. It’s one that features Taylor Barber of Atlanta deathcore outfit Left To Suffer and is accompanied by a music video directed by former

NEWS: The Gloom In The Corner share “From Heaven To Hell”!

Setting the scene for any concept album is paramount and Melbourne Australians The Gloom In The Corner have premiered the opening cut and second single “From Heaven To Hell” from their 28th October dropping album “Trinity” to do just that. It re-introduces primary characters Rachel Barker, Ethan Hardy, and Clara Carne as well as hinting

NEWS: The Gloom In The Corner set for October trinity!

Australian Gloom Metal act The Gloom In The Corner have announced their sophomore album “Trinity” will be hitting shelves on 28th October via SharpTone Records. A concept record, it continues the bands cinematic narrative arc with vocalist Mikey Arthur joined by a mouth watering collection of guests over 13 tracks. That news is of course

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! Fight! Shallow.

Fixed Fight guitarist Marius Krogsgaard Thomsen is going to hate us for doing this but this weeks head to head is all about the bastardised Pop Song turned into a Frankenstein Metal monster for our listening pleasure by bands who should probably know better. But given the success of the Fearless Records Punk Goes Pop

NEWS: Red Handed Denial go deluxe!

Including a pair of previously unreleased tracks, a demo, a remix and the album in instrumental form, the deluxe version of “Redeemer” from Canadian Progressive Metallers Red Handed Denial is out now. Celebrating that release the band have unveiled a performance music video for “Elysium“. The band entered the studio in May with a board

NEWS: Red Handed Denial return to wandering…

Going next level with the nostalgia are Canadian Progressive Metallers Red Handed Denial who have dropped the directors cut version of their music video for “Trespasser” on its third anniversary. They’ve injected some deleted scenes to the video for the track that appears on their 2016 record “Wanderer” which is noted for the presence of

Playthrough: “Limbo Concious” from Red Handed Denial!

Celebrating the release of the deluxe edition of their album “Redeemer“, Canadian Progressive Metallers Red Handed Denial have given guitarist Chris Mifsud the task of creating a music video. He chose to record a guitar playthrough for “Limbo Concious“, one of a pair of new tracks that appear on the record that now passes the

Planet Metal #2: Mother Russia!

The second installment of our Planet Metal series sees us traveling from Italy to Russian shores to provide you with five bands from the region that we think are very much worthy of your time as they have demanded our attention over recent releases. From Death Metal to Progressive Technical and Deathcore, these bands are