NEWS: The Gloom In The Corner open the box…

A fourth single titled “Pandora’s Box” and featuring a guest vocal appearance from Lauren Babic of Red Handed Denial has appeared from the upcoming 28th October releasing album “Trinity” from Australian cinema-core specialists The Gloom In The Corner. The album is one that finds the band joined by a myriad of guests as they tell a story like no other…

Speaking on both the storyline and the deeper inspiration behind the track, frontman Mikey Arthur elaborates: “In the story thus far, the Trinity have begun their journey at the guidance of the Narrator, to find three mythical items to assist them in creating a portal back home to the realm of the living. After obtaining the first item, they travel to the frozen Lake Cocytus, where they’re faced with haunting visions of their past in order to collect the second mythical item; Pandora’s Box, trapped at the bottom of the lake. Pandora’s Box tackles themes of mental health and anxiety, along with the fear of opening up to the people that you love

If you missed it, the track listing for “Trinity” shapes up as follows…

  1. From Heaven To Hell
  2. Obliteration Imminent (ft. Monique Pym of Reliqa)
  3. Ronin (ft. Ryo Kinoshita of Crystal Lake)
  4. Black Rot (ft. Monica Strut of The Last Martyr)
  5. New Order (ft. Taylor Barber of Left To Suffer)
  6. Clutch (ft. Amelia Duffield)
  7. Pandora’s Box (ft. Lauren Babic of Red Handed Denial)
  8. Behemoth
  9. Gravity
  10. Red Clouds (ft. Crystal Joilena, Elijah Witt of Cane Hill, Rachel Jeffreson)
  11. Nor Hell A Fury
  12. Gatekeeper (ft. Ryan Kirby of Fit For A King)
  13. Hail To The King (ft. Joe Badolato of Fit For An Autopsy)

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