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Documentary: “Curse Tour” with Crystal Lake!

Pro-shot during a trio of Japanese club shows last month, Crystal Lake have shared a tour diary that documents their first shows for a year and a half. They have been far from quiet during that time however with a pair of double A side singles in “Curse” and “Watch Me Burn” as well as

NEWS: Crystal Lake imported from Japan in February!

Joining the growing number of bands unveiling 2022 tour dates of late are Japanese Metalcore Samurai warriors Crystal Lake who will be joined by Currents and Kingdom Of Giants as they wage war on Europe with five stops upon our shores. The announcement of course comes after the band unleased a second two track single

NEWS: Crystal Lake get hexed…

Ahead of the double A Side 7″ single from Japanese Metalcore Samurai warriors Crystal Lake on 14th July via SharpTone Records, they have thrown us the first half of it with a music video for “Curse“. The band have a trio of shows around the release in their native lands and have also been announced

Review: “Burn In The Flood” by Our Hollow Our Home

The often used words “highly anticipated” rarely apply as much to any release as they do to “Burn In The Flood” by South Coast Metalcore heroes Our Hollow Our Home. It marks their third album since the colossal debut “Hartsick” in 2017 as the band have stood in defiance of the industry and remain steadfastly

NEWS: Our Hollow Our Home seek to be remembered?

Its official. South Coast Metalcore heroes Our Hollow Our Home have set 28th May as the date for their third album, the oxymoronically titled “Burn In The Flood” with the release of a big single. The track “Remember Me” is one that sees them joined by Ryo Kinoshita from Japanese Metalcore outfit Crystal Lake, the

Bootleg: Crystal Lake at Brutal Assault!

When you have limited time you have to make it count and that’s exactly what Japanese Metalcore merchants Crystal Lake did with their 15 minutes of fame at Brutal Assault Festival in 2019. They smashed a trio of cuts in “Lost in Forever“, “Apollo“, “Prometheus” before dropping the mic and exiting stage left as this

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Spiritbox #2

The love for Vancouver Canada’s Spiritbox continues to flow like a river to the sea and they grow not only their fanbase among Joe Public but also among their peers in the music industry. After all, who would have picked out Courtney La Plante to appear on a The Acacia Strain track before she actually

Playthrough: Full Set from Crystal Lake!

If like us you’re still reeling from the brilliance that is “Disobey“, arguably the heaviest track that Japanese Metalcore merchants Crystal Lake have delivered from new 7″ vinyl double A side with “Watch Me Burn” then this one is for you. A full set that captures drummer Gaku Taura on dedicated cam from 21st September

NEWS: Crystal Lake: Born to Disobey!

When double a side single “Watch Me Burn” and “Disobey” landed in July from Japanese Metalcore giants Crystal Lake, the second track absolutely blew us away with it’s ferocious Deathcore battery which takes their song “Aeon” and injects a lethal dose of Nitro. The band are now offering a 7″ Vinyl of the single here