NEWS: The 10 best thrash songs (from 1986-89) from Metal Hammer!

Metal Hammer Magazine’s online edition have put out a list of their 10 best thrash songs (from 1986-89). While all the usual suspects are present and correct, including the Big Four of Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and of course Anthrax, there are some glairing omissions. Here are 5 we think are worthy of note;

1. “The Toxic Waltz” from the 1989 classic “Fabulous Disaster” by Exodus takes the number one spot.

2. Not to mention “Alison Hell” from Canadian legends Annihilator‘s 1989 classic “Alice in Hell”, arguably the song that made the band.

3. How about title track “Darkness Descends” from Death Angel‘s 1986 classic? The album featured on Revolver Magazine’s “14 Thrash Albums You Need to Own” list in August 2014.

4. “Speak English or Die” from the Crossover Thrash master piece of the same name from S.O.D.? The super group featuring Billy Milano and Anthrax’s Scott Ian surely deserves a mention?

5. And our wildcard pick “Possessed to Skate” from Suicidal Tendencies 1987 classic ‘Join The Army”.

You can read the Metal Hammer article in full here.

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