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NEWS Jeffrey “Nothing” Hatrix shares new song “Undivided”!

Released under under the moniker of his Doom Candy project, former Mushroomhead vocalist Jeffrey “Nothing” Hatrix has shared a new single “Undivided“. He’s joined on the cut by A Killer’s Confession guitarist Thomas Church, also formerly in Mushroomhead as well as former Pop Evil guitarist Anthony Greve,  however it is shared in loving memory of

Throwback: “Too Much Nothing” by Mushroomhead!

Recorded over a one year period between 1994 and 1995, the debut self titled album from Cleveland Ohio Alternative Metal act Mushroomhead is a cause for celebration. An independent release and the only one to feature the original line up of the group, it’s laced with 14 movie samples over 13 cuts, ranging from Quentin

Documentary: Behind the scenes of “Tongue” with A Killer’s Confession!

If you haven’t already witnessed the controversial Michael Levine directed music video for “Tongue” by A Killer’s Confession then it comes highly recommended. Having survived to tell the tale, the man behind the grassy knoll is Corey Jones who directed and edited this behind the scenes featurette which confirms what The House Of Masks had to

NEWS: A Killers Confession premier “Tongue”!

Capturing the essence of his former bandmates sound and injecting fresh life into the corpse with a shot of adrenaline, ex-Mushroomhead vocalist Waylon Reavis band A Killers Confession have unleashed a new cut in one called “Tongue” completed with a gory music video directed by Michael Levine. Whether there is a metaphor or not in

NEWS: A Killer’s Confession expose their roots!

Wearing the kind of Sith Lord makeup and costume combination he did in the “Saviour Sorrow” days with Mushroomhead, Waylon Reavis has ensured that his main squeeze A Killer’s Confessions do justice to the Sepultura classic “Roots Bloody Roots” following his cancer scare. Rather than taking a back seat, if anything the band have been

Documentary: A Killers Confession on Bus Invaders!

It’s that time of the week again! Digital Tour Bus have unveiled the latest episode of their iconic Bus Invaders series and this week’s incarnation is something special. Former Mushroomhead vocalist Waylon Reavis takes us around the touring vehicle his band A Killer’s Confession used for their run with Bloodywood dubbed “Nine Inch Naas Tour“. The

NEWS: Jeffrey “Nothing” Hatrix bleeds for a thousand years?

A tenth single in 4 years from former Mushroomhead vocalist Jeffrey “Nothing” Hatrix has appeared in ‘1,000 Years‘. Inspired by current world conflicts and the meaningless nature of war, the song is dedicated to SAVE22Veterans which is an organisation that fights to prevent veteran suicides. It’s said to be the first of several songs written,

NEWS: A Killers Confession witness events unfold…

While they are currently playing a run of US shows with Bloodywood on the hilariously titled “Nine Inch Naans Tour“, A Killers Confession have unveiled a music video directed by Alex Hatrix for a new song titled “Be My Witness“. It’s the fourth since the band, who feature two former members of  Mushroomhead in their

NEWS: A Killer’s Confession roundup the boys…

Maintaining the perpetual forward motion A Killer’s Confession, the band fronted by fronted by Mushroomhead vocalist Waylon Reavis have dropped a music video for a new single titled “The Boys” co-written by Matthew Trumpy and Jon Dale. Directed by Alex Hatrix, the video is front loaded with tongue in cheek humour and marks the bands third