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NEWS: A Killers Confession cry in the rain…

Continuing the writing partnership of Sahaj Ticotin and Waylon Reavis, A Killers Confession have premiered a new single called “When I’m not Around” that features a guest appearance from DJ ScatteredBrains. The quartet who are two parts former Mushroomhead members have been wearing their Alice In Chains influences upon their sleeves of late with this

Bootleg: Mushroomhead Mondays and June tour dates!

Over the past week Cleveland Ohio Metallers Mushroomed have started to dismantle and distribute a show filmed at The Odeon Concert Club from 24th February 1996, edited and remastered exclusively for YouTube. The first pair of cuts have appeared in “43” and “Never Let It Go” with an old fashioned TV set the perfect frame

Track Review: “Avdi Vide Tace” by Spawn of Psychosis

After an initial seven year run which began in 2010 and saw Spawn of Psychosis drop two albums and an EP in 2012’s “Freakshow Pandemic“, 2015’s “Ministry Of Transition” and 2017’s “Ano Diablo Vol: 1” which stitched together a Frankenstein’s Monster hybrid of Thrash, Industrial Metal and Punk while playing support slots for acts like

NEWS: A Killer’s Confession go in search of light?

2021 saw new album “Remember” appear a single at a time from A Killer’s Confession before landing but the band haven’t missed a beat and instead continued to write with a new album, their fourth in all, titled “Welcome To Wilbar” on the way. While no date has been set for release, the band who

NEWS: A Killers Confession find Heaven Alone…

A Killers Confession can’t seem to get enough of working with music video director Domonick Giorgianni and have utilized his skills alongside those of Actors Justin Bonitz, Sahaj Ticotin and Katie Machaiek for their latest offering “Heaven Alone“. We could mention that the band feature former Mushroomhead vocalist Waylon Reavis and guitarist Tommy Church in

NEWS: A Requiem For Tomorrow for Mushroomhead (again)!

Featuring “Lacrimosa” and the never before released full version of “Agnus Dei” performed by the Cleveland Chamber Choir, Mushroomhead have given us the opportunity to relive their 12 minute magnum opus cinematic music video for “A Requiem For Tomorrow” in monochrome. The track appears on the bands highly anticipated and long awaited 2020 album “A

NEWS: Its a requiem for Mushroomhead!

They say go big or go home and with that in mind Cleveland Ohio residents Mushroomhead have taken “A Requiem For Tomorrow” and gone all out cinematic, something which their new label home Napalm Records will be loving. The track is the opening cut from their 2020 record “A Wonderful Life” and clocks in at

NEWS: A Killer’s Confession ascend the shades of night!

Following the success of their single “Tell Your Soul” that features a guest vocal appearance from Chad Gray of Mudvayne fame, A Killer’s Confession have dropped an eighth single in 12 months in “Ascending”.┬áThe band who feature former Mushroomhead vocalist Waylon Reavis and guitarist Tommy Church have been somewhat controversially added to the tour that

NEWS: Nothing return with “Confined”!

Seemingly content to continue to release a steady stream of singles, former Mushroomhead vocalist Jeffery “Nothing” Hatrix has released another cut from his solo project Nothing. Given the name “Confined” and a music video directed by co-vocalist Ian D. Sniesak, it features actress Sonika Saini. The project was actually born in 2011 with debut album