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Documentary: A Killers Confession at Home with Momma #8!

Episode #8 of “Home with Momma” sees A Killers Confession frontman Waylon Reavis attempting to mod a 1UP Arcade Machine that his mother bought for him just a week after his former band Mushroomhead dropped their new album “A Wonderful Life“. This isn’t an instructional video. “The Indifference Of Good Men” by A Killers Confession

Documentary: Mushroomhead Mask Evolution!

In this new video, Jimmy Sickness plays out the evolution of the masks of Cleveland Ohio Metallers Mushroomhead from 1993 to 2020 to coincide with the release of their new album “A Wonderful Life” via Napalm Records. The video also serves as a reminder of the sheer volume of musicians who have come into the

Review: “A Wonderful Life” by Mushroomhead

It has been six long years since 2014s “The Righteous And The Butterfly” and the revolving door of musicians in Cleveland Ohio Metallers Mushroomhead has kept turning with drummer Steve Felton being the only ever present member of the band which started out 1993. Since that last record, 2015 saw the exit of keyboard player

Documentary: “Seen It All” with Mushroomhead!

As “A Wonderful Life“, the first Mushroomhead album in six years has appeared via Napalm Records (Devildriver, Jinjer, Infected Rain) today, the band have gone back to first single “Seen It All” for a look behind the scenes. We’ve got a review of it dropping on Sunday, so keep them peepers peeled.

NEWS: Mushroomhead share “The Heresy” music video!

Having appeared as an audio stream last week, Cleveland Ohio Metallers Mushroomhead have now unveiled a music video for “The Heresy” in full technicolor glory. Directed and Produced by Drummer Steve Felton, the track will no doubt take pride of place on their upcoming 6 years in the making 19th June dropping album “A Wonderful

Documentary: Home with Momma Episode #7 with A Killers Confession!

It’s been a while and as vocalist Waylon Reavis has a new house and a new Arcade Machine, it’s time for another episode of Home with Momma from A Killers Confession. Is it coincidence that there is a new Mushroomhead single out today? We’re not subscribers to any conspiracy theories so it seems unlikely but

NEWS: Mushroomhead endure “The Heresy”?

Whether the title is a cleverly disguised dig at former members of the band or not remains to be seen but Mushroomhead have premiered a second single from their upcoming eighth studio album. Entitled “The Heresy“, it will appear on “A Wonderful Life“, which will be the first album from the Cleveland Ohio Metallers for

Review: “Sagacity” by TreaTmenT

Beginning life in 2017, “Sagacity” is the result of nearly 15 years of experience. Starting out back in 2005 under the moniker HarroW and playing a mix of Metallica and Iron Maiden covers in with their own, changes in the bands line-up and chemistry created a style shift. Three years later they changed their name to

NEWS: Nothing premier “Never Enough”!

While Mushroomhead have their own album finally on the way, former vocalist Jeffery Nothing has debuted another track from his project Nothing. The project also includes former Mushroomhead guitarist Tommy Church and intriguingly the pair remain good friends with Waylon Revis so a collaboration between the trio could well be on the cards but for

Bootleg: Mushroomhead at Locobazooka Milwaukee Summerfest 2002!

As the clock ticks down to 19th June and the new Mushroomhead album “A Wonderful Life” via Napalm Records, here’s a freshly liberated pro-shot full set from the Cleveland Ohio Metallers at Locobazooka Summerfest 2002. Shot in multi cam, the event took place in Milwaukee Wisconsin on 27th June with the set including “Solitaire Unraveling“,