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Throwback: “Useless” by Rikets!

A band that imploded during a US tour in 2010 for multiple reasons including the ill health of mastermind Scott Rose, Rikets were an Industrial Metal outfit from Oklahoma that started out in 2004 and rose to prominence with their debut EP “Anything For The Devil“. Working with producer and Switched vocalist Ben Schigel (Drowning

Documentary: “The Age Of Hell” by Chimaira

As the final Chimaira album to feature guitarist Rob Arnold approaches it’s tenth anniversary, he gets together with vocalist Mark Hunter to discuss 2011’s “The Age Of Hell“. Everything from working with former Switched vocalist turned Producer Ben Schigel to vinyl editions and how Hunter chooses his vocal style are all in the mix with

Listmania: 5x Nu-Metal Bands… That You Might Have Heard Of!

Earlier this week Kerrang Magazine published an article entitled “11 Nu-Metal Bands Your Probably Don’t Remember” and… covered 11 Nu-Metal bands that we remember very well! So in our infinite wisdom we’ve decided to put together a bunch of 5 Nu-Metal bands you may remember that were perhaps one hit wonders or a little bit