Throwback: “Useless” by Rikets!

A band that imploded during a US tour in 2010 for multiple reasons including the ill health of mastermind Scott Rose, Rikets were an Industrial Metal outfit from Oklahoma that started out in 2004 and rose to prominence with their debut EP “Anything For The Devil“. Working with producer and Switched vocalist Ben Schigel (Drowning Pool, Chimaira, Breaking Point) at Spider Studios in Cleveland Ohio, the EP would later go on to be mixed by former Machine Head and Soulfly guitarist Logan Mader before being released via Corporate Punishment Records in 2006. Opening cut “Useless” was selected as a single and got a music video directed by Don Tyler before a lengthy touring cycle. That lead to the band switching to Burnhill Union Records for their debut full length record “All American Death Cult” where Shaun Glass of Dirge Within was an A&R rep and the rest, as they say is history…

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