Playlist: “Other Cutz” by Palisades

Palisades are a guilty pleasure. One of those bands that you probably shouldn’t like for all the wrong reasons, but actually.. you do. Here’s a playlist of pro-shot live songs, covers and acoustic tracks from them.


01.  Player Haters Ball (Live)
02. House of Wolves (My Chemical Romance Cover)
03. Happy (Pharrel Williams Cover)
04. Can’t Hold Us (Macklemore Cover)
05. Bad Girls (Live – Take Action Tour)
06. Fall (Live – Everything That Got Us Here Tour)
07. Drunk In Love (Beyonce Cover)
08. No Chaser (Live)
09. High and Low (Live)
10. Let Down (Live – Ambitions North American Tour)
11. Better Chemicals & Fall (Live Acoustic – Alternative Press Sessions)
12. Sidney (Live Acoustic – Toronto, Canada)
13. Bury It (Acoustic)

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