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Playlist: Metal Noise TV: Christmas Card 2017

List Mania Season Pt. #3: The Metal Noise TV Christmas Card. A few tunes to help you breathe more easily while wrapping up some Christmas Goodies. Psychostick – Thanks Giving Or Die Psychostick re-write Slipknot’s “Get This” from their 1999 self-titled major label debut in parody form. August Burns Red – Last Christmas One of

Metal Noise TV: 10 of The Best Albums of 2017

List Mania Season pt #2 is finally here! 10 of The Best Albums of 2017! So it’s 10 of the best, not the best 10! There are plenty more decent albums out there, but here are our picks, hope you enjoy them! There is no cross over between the bands on this list and “The Best Singles” list.

Metal Noise TV: 10 of The Best Singles from 2017

List Mania season aka Christmas and New Year is upon us and everyone who’s anyone is dropping their Top 100 or 50 or even 20… this isn’t like that. This is a short and sweet list of 10 of the better singles from bands who demand your listening attention! It’s not definative and it’s in