Metal Noise TV: 10 of The Best Albums of 2017

List Mania Season pt #2 is finally here! 10 of The Best Albums of 2017! So it’s 10 of the best, not the best 10! There are plenty more decent albums out there, but here are our picks, hope you enjoy them! There is no cross over between the bands on this list and “The Best Singles” list. 2017 was the year of the come back. Bands reforming and returning to the scene after often a long absense. It was also the year of the surprise release, which in most cases backfired, so much depends these days on first week album sales that the fans have to know.

  1. Eighteen Visions – XVIII
    Following the death of Mick Morris it looked increasing unlikely that Orange County’s finest would return. But they did and in sparkling old school fashion. None of the self-titled radio-rock friendly nonsense here – just balls out metal the way the fans love it. It’s an absolute peach of an album.
  2. Stray From The Path – Only Death Is Real
    A storming follow up to the stunning “Subliminal Criminals”, politically deep, seemlessly blending hardcore with Rage Against The Machine isms. If there is a Christmas gift album to give, it’s this one.
  3. Emmure – Look At Yourself
    When everyone walked out and left frontman Frankie Palmeri on his own, he did the one thing no-one expected him to do. He called his friends and those he admired in the form of the Glass Cloud boys and together they made an amazing album.
  4. August Burns Red – Phantom Anthem
    In the 10th year since the release of “Messengers”, ABR did an anniversary tour and then dropped a gem of an album in “Phantom Anthem”. Complete with DJent and Tech-Metal leanings, its a new chapter in their Metalcore career.
  5. While She Sleeps – We Are You
    At one point it looked like game over for While She Sleeps. Lack of cash flow, burn out and vocal issues for their frontman looked to be taking their toll on the bands career. Instead, they put their energy into this new album and delivered a piece of magic.
  6. Fit For An Autopsy – The Great Collapse
    Uber producer Will Putney’s own band returned with an album of stunning quality. Phenominal song writing, drumming and vocal delivery, it’s the Deathcore album for people who say “Deathcore” is too simple.
  7. Wednesday 13 – Condolences
    A fine return to form for Wednesday 13, blending the new sound found with “Monsters Of The Universe” with the traditional sound and injecting that much loved humour back in. A fine, fine album.
  8. The Faceless – In Becoming A Ghost
    After so many false dawns, false starts and mis-steps, The Faceless have finally delievered something that matches the talents of their main man, Michael Kean. He’s one of the most controversial figures around the scene, a real chalk and cheese dude, but he knowns how to deliver the goods. Lets just hope it lasts.
  9. Winds Of Plague – Blood Of My Enemy
    The return of Winds Of Plague with an album that contains plenty lyrics about their struggle and desire to return. It’s a storming, if different return to the scene which saw them exit at the end of Bleeding Through’s farewell tour.
  10. Northlane – Mesmer
    One of this years surprise releases caught the metal world off-guard. Northlane have built on their solid foundations, fine tuned their sound an upped thier game to deliver us a fine piece of work. They were also the secret headliner for this years UK Tech-Fest and delivered there too!


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