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Review: “A Wonderful Life” by Mushroomhead

It has been six long years since 2014s “The Righteous And The Butterfly” and the revolving door of musicians in Cleveland Ohio Metallers Mushroomhead has kept turning with drummer Steve Felton being the only ever present member of the band which started out 1993. Since that last record, 2015 saw the exit of keyboard player

NEWS: Mushroomhead have “Seen It All”!

It’s been nearly six years since Cleveland Ohio Metallers Mushroomhead delivered “The Righteous And The Butterfly” and after a few line up changes and delays they have finally given us a new song and a wealth of details on the new release. Entitled “A Wonderful Life” and featuring this new track “Seen It All“, the

Bootleg: Mushroomhead in Manchester!

So the wait seems to be almost finally over. According to this interview with drummer and Mastermind Steve “Skinny” Felton, a new Mushroomhead album, their first in 6 years, has a tentative March 2020 release date. He says it’s 80% done and simply needs the band to find the right person to do the mixing.

Review: “The Righteous And The Butterfly” by Mushroomhead

Cleveland Ohio natives Mushroomhead have often been a band that are underrated and mistakenly placed in the wrong genre. Partly due to their large number of band members, choice of makeup, masks and live theatrics. Their Avant Garde Metal sound takes influences from Heavy Metal, Alt. Rock and Electro-Industrial music. It has been 10 years

Playlist: Female Fronted Metal Bands in 2017

I for one am constantly amazed to find in 2017 there are some Metal fans out there, both male and female that won’t entertain listening to what I percieve to be a decent band purely because there is a female rather than a male vocalist. Yes, if the subjectmatter of the lyrics is not something