Playlist: A Tribute to Cro-Mags!

Among the first to fuse hardcore punk with thrash metal, New York City’s Cro-Mags are considered to be one of the most influential crossover thrash bands of their time. Their seminal pair of albums in 1986’s “Age Of Quarrel” and 1989’s “Best Wishes” spawned a generation of metallic hardcore bands, including the likes of Biohazard and Vision Of Disorder. So here’s 10 bands doing their versions of Cro-Mags songs to get things started!

1. Age Of Quarrel – Shadows Fall
2. Hard Times – Lay It On The Line
3. Don’t Tread On Me – S.O.D.
4. Life Of My Own – Merauder
5. Malfunction – Stampin’ Ground
6. We Gotta Know – First Blood
7. It’s The Limit – Hatebreed
8. World Peace – Deceased
9. Street Justice – Spikers
10. Down But Not Out – Co-Exist

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