Playlist: Metal Noise TV: A Tribute to Sepultura

Another dose of Metal Noise TV, a tribute to the original Sepultura, pre-Derick Green era. Not that I have anything against the current line up – there will a playlist of Derick Green era Sepultura covers appearing here at some point in the future! Also upcoming… “LipSnot” (A Tribute to SlipKnot)… “Other Cutz” from Palisades

01. Between The Buried And Me – Territory
Taken from their 2006 covers album “The Anatomy Of”
02. Trivium – Slave New World
Taken from the delux edition of their 2011 album “In Waves”
03. Children Of Bodom – Mass Hypnosis
Taken from their 1997 album “Something Wild”
04. Hatebreed – Refuse/Resist
Taken from their 2009 album “For the Lions” and also appears on the “Punisher: War Zone” soundtrack
05. Throwdown – Propaganda
Taken from the sessions for their 2007 album “Venom & Tears”
06. Napalm Death – Troops Of Doom
Taken from their 2004 album “Leaders Not Followers: Part 2”
07. Cannibal Corpse – Roots Bloody Roots
Ok… so it’s a popular myth. It’s not actually Cannibal Corpse, it’s an unknown band who someone uploaded by mistake. But it’s good!
08. Havok – Arise
Taken from their 2012 album “Point of No Return”
09. Starved – Deperate Cry
Taken from their 2012 Demo “Starving To Death”
10. Claustrofobia – Beneith The Remains
Taken from their 2009 album “I See Red”
11. Serge Prada – Cut-Throat
Josh Steffan (Drums), Bruno Neves (Vocals), Maranhao Thierry (Bass) and Serge Prada (Guitars)
12. Abraxas – To The Wall
Taken from their 2011 album “Damnation”
13. Revenge – Antichrist
Taken from their 2008 album “From Hell”
14. God Syndrome – Dead Embronic Cells
Taken from the delux version of their 2016 album “Controverse”
15. Urgehal – Funeral Rites
Taken from their 2016 album “Aeons In Sodom”
16. Unearthly – We Who Are Not As Others

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