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Review: “Impregnate My Hate” by Whythre

Born as a solo project of Shon Petrey back in 2010, the steady evolution of Seattle Blackened Melodic Death Metal act Whythre over the past thirteen years has been a curious one. In 2012 the guitarist and synth player met opera-trained singer named Jeran Michaels and together they wrote and released first album 2015 album

NEWS: Infirmum suffer the violent sleep of reason?

“Sleep Of Reason” marks the first new material from Melodic Doom Death Metal band Infirmum since last year’s EP “The Great Unknown”. Melancholic, dark, gloomy, full of emotion describe the atmospheric journey with beauty and the beast through the darkness gifted to us by the musicians known for their previous works in Mourning Wood, Sanctuary

NEWS: It’s Bodom Night for Nekrogoblikon!

Following the news that their music video for “This Is It” surpassed a million YouTube streams just before Christmas, Californian Melodic Death Metal act Nekrogoblikon have paid tribute to the late great Alexi Laiho and Children Of Bodom with a cover of “Bodom Beach Terror“. April’s “The Fundamental Slimes and Humours” continues to cause our

Throwback: “You’re Better Off Dead!” from Children Of Bodom!

Twenty years ago last month the first single from the almighty “Hate Crew Deathroll” from Finnish Melodic Death Metal act Children Of Bodom landed in “You’re Better Of Dead!“. Looking back in it now the album title immediately brought to mind the manoeuvre which Alligators use to kill and dismember their prey while the track

NEWS: Thy Kingdom Will Burn pay tribute to Alexi Laiho!

Call it Melodic Death Metal or simply Dark Metal, Thy Kingdom Will Burn have released a video for ‘Nothing Remains’, a third single taken from the new album ‘The Void and the Vengeance’. Set to be released on May 20th, it’s  the first to feature new guitarist Esa Virén, formerly of To/Die/For and also sees

Review: “Pillaging Villagers” by Pillaging Villagers

A concept album composed entirely by Milwaukee, Wisconsin based vocalist David Frazer, the debut self titled album from Pillaging Villagers features the session contributions of drummer Jason Hirt (Ghost Bath), guitarist Brian Koenig (Lords of the Trident) and bassist Adam Tucker (A Scanner Darkly) as together the quartet seek to take the listener, willing or otherwise,

Review: “Ways Of The Pack” by Wolftopia

Recorded in the bands home studios in Vaasa over the summer of 2020 before being mixed and mastered by Ahti Kortelainen (Mysterizer, Skullrod, Eternal Tears of Sorrow) at Tico Tico Studios “Ways of the Pack” is the debut album of Finnish Melodic Death Metal quartet Wolftopia. Inspired by a love of fantasy literature, nature and 

NEWS: Mercury Circle hold a candle for Oceans Of Slumber?

Finnish Dark Metal Supergroup Mercury Circle, who feature in their ranks former members of Children Of Bodom and Swallow The Sun have shared a music video for one of the most intriguing moments of their new album “Killing Moons“, a collaborative effort with Oceans Of Slumber vocalist Cammie Gilbert titled “Like Matches“. She is by

Review: “Aces Wild” by Sadistic Force

After two well received EPs in “Pain, Sex, and Rapture” and “Blood Moon Sadism” (the later being mastered by Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust) released in January and February this year, Austin Texas Blackened Thrash trio Sadistic Force have decided to go all out and release a full debut album in “Aces Wild” and end

NEWS: Mercury Circle sit beneath the “Killing Moon”!

Following their critically acclaimed 2020 EP “The Dawn Of Vitriol“, Mercury Circle a group formed of musicians known for their work in  Iconcrash, Swallow the Sun, Hallatar, Hanging Garden, The Chant, To/Die/For, Sleep of Monsters, Rytmihäiriö and Children of Bodom have announced that a highly anticipated debut album will be released on 8th October via