NEWS: Mercury Circle hold a candle for Oceans Of Slumber?

Finnish Dark Metal Supergroup Mercury Circle, who feature in their ranks former members of Children Of Bodom and Swallow The Sun have shared a music video for one of the most intriguing moments of their new album “Killing Moons“, a collaborative effort with Oceans Of Slumber vocalist Cammie Gilbert titled “Like Matches“. She is by no means the only guest on the 63 minute magnum opus of an album that has been released this weekend via Noble Demon…

Jaani Peuhu says: “The original idea for the album concept was to make it some kind of a gateway that opens up a path away from everyday life leading somewhere where we can be free from all the stress, grief, Corona or any other worldly worries. This idea of escapism is very basic and true to music, but it turned out to develop a deeper and more complex meaning for me during the writing process. 

I had to cope with the difficult reality that my father, a brilliant musician himself, was no longer in this realm anymore because of Alzheimers disease. I often wonder where he is, roaming in his own head. I imagine that he is free to travel in space and time and do whatever he wishes there, like destroying planets or having a good time in a spiritual world… all while this disease is erasing a lifetime of memories. 

Many of us are looking for ways to flee the state we’re in, others don’t have the choice to stay, and even more so, can’t find the way back to the everyday life because they can’t remember it. 

This is where the term Killing Moons comes into play. It is derived from Echo & the Bunnymen’s The Killing Moon. It had been sitting in my head for a long time and transformed into one of the album’s most personal songs a bit by accident. When I sang the first demo songs in gibberish English, the words Killing Moons made its way into the lyrics and somehow started to resonate with me: The MOONS as a measure of time and the KILLING as a way of erasing the lived years – or the escape from everyday life, as in killing time by reading a good book. As a band, we also created a strong visual story around Jaska’s interest in space and science, as well as around my way of living with energies, spirits and occults. Our daily lives with losses and broken hearts play an important part in our music and lyrics and those concepts help when thinking about what we want to say with our instruments and arrangements. So, you can think of the album title in terms of my personal story, but honestly, I’d rather you create your own story and world with us.

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