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NEWS: Endless Forms Most Gruesome debut “A Thousand Years In Hell”!

If you haven’t heard, Endless Forms Most Gruesome is a musical project consisting of Juuso Raatikainen of Swallow the Sun and Manne Ikonen of Ghost Brigade. Pre-orders for their self titled debut album which will be released by Inverse Records on 3rd April are available here so if you want to check out what they’re describing

NEWS: Endless Forms Most Gruesome debut “The Watchers”!

Juuso Raatikainen of Swallow the Sun has been joined by Manne Ikonen of Ghost Brigade in a project dubbed Endless Forms Most Gruesome. Absorbing influences from American bands like KoRn and Deftones manifests itself as groovy, low tuned riffs with an experimental touch. Following lyrical themes rooted in mental health issues and inner dialogues caused

NEWS: Swallow The Sun. May. Just once!

Swallow The Sun will be bringing Oceans of Slumber and Aeonian to our shores for a single date on their European Tour. The 6th May at London’s Camden Underworld will be the venue for the show, which is in support of latest offering “When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light”. The longest album title