Review: “Impregnate My Hate” by Whythre

Born as a solo project of Shon Petrey back in 2010, the steady evolution of Seattle Blackened Melodic Death Metal act Whythre over the past thirteen years has been a curious one. In 2012 the guitarist and synth player met opera-trained singer named Jeran Michaels and together they wrote and released first album 2015 album “Hel’s Hollows” while expanding the line up for live shows. Michaels departed in 2018 to be replaced by Gabriel Tachell (Rhine, ex-Perfect Harmony) who himself lasted 2018 standalone single “Savages” and it’s follow up EP “Stillborn World” a year later. Now, in 2023 a once again refreshed line up releases sophomore album “Impregnate My Hate” with new drummer Steve Fournier (Himsa, Faustus) and bassist Eric Close (In Memorium, For The Love Of Suffering) joining Petrey and his guitarist since 2015 Adam Chambers who takes on vocal duties for this one…

There is no mistaking that with this new album Whythe sound rejuvenated, the new rhythm section as precise and destructive as a laser guided missile. As a listener, opening cut “Scorchbreath” is exactly what you want. Punchy and aggressive, crossing sub-genre territories with death defying leaps with an onslaught of Thrash infused riffage, short and violent bursts of Black Metal inspired blast beats, gang chant moments in the chorus and the odd ethereal touch a real demonstration of prowess. That’s before we’ve mentioned the twin axe attack of the extended solo which will melt your face off… before the kick in the guts that is the title track “Impregnate My Hate“. Another incendiary cut that finds Chambers with the bit between his teeth, it’s a head bangers dream as the riffs fire off in all directions, the solos once again shining through the darkness. Slowing things down from an adrenaline junkie’s nightmare, “Can’t Escape This” changes the angle of attack, a style shift from Thrash to Gothenburg sound inspired Melodic Death Metal while Chambers screams tear down the blue skies. His vocals are harsh with a twang to them but here there is a far more passionate performance with the lyrics clearly having more depth of meaning on a personal level while the synths add a richness of depth and texture that gives it a real melancholic warmth.

The In Flames inspirations continue into “Scorpions of Sinai” with everything turned up a couple of notches for a far more ferocious attack, a scream-a-long chorus and punchier Thrash moments bleeding out at points as the band strike perhaps a better balance. The cut is brutal, a Molotov cocktail from the very start and that nitrous injection of energy makes for a pulsating offering, something that can also be said of “C Section S1urpee“. From somewhere Chambers has found a lower, more gravelly vocal tone to add to his usual shriller style and on a cut that is styled as pure American Groove Metal muscle like Pissing Razors on steroids, it helps the band create something nothing short of lethal. An unexpected anthem “Death Frontier” has the earworm lead riff that every band craves and listeners can’t get out of their head. Another explosive powerhouse it feels like with this album the band have hit their creative stride, the sheer weight of high quality blistering tracks stacked up like pancakes. The fretboards smoulder, the ground beneath the rhythm section rumbles, the audience part like the red sea for a wall of death in the live arena. That’s how good this is.

The bastard child of Havok and Children Of Bodom influence “Tantric Aspects of the Cross” offers something different by combining a real nostalgic quality with the bands now signature style. Delivered at the tempo of the damned, its one that feels like the band are putting everything they have into the mix and leaving nothing behind in the tank; they have a real verve and swagger that makes them an unstoppable force. Bringing forward cinematic touches “Immanence” finds Chambers turn demonic for a vocal performance that burns the cerebral cortex with it’s monstrous power. The riffs are colossal as the band reach a state of nirvana with orchestration providing a real sense of epic grandeur and the result with those vocals is undeniable. If that was critical mass, the band ensure the curtain comes down in style with “Run it Red“. It’s not as big or as bold as its predecessor but it does have all the attitude of the earlier cuts and lays down a gauntlet for the genre as a whole. Long live this line up for Whythe because together they have what it takes to deliver Metal of the finest order to the Masses. [8.5/10]

Track Listing

1. Scorchbreath
2. Impregnate My Hate
3. Can’t Escape This
4. Scorpions of Sinai
5. C Section S1urpee
6. Death Frontier
7. Tantric Aspects of the Cross
8. Immanence
9. Run it Red

Impregnate My Hate” by Whythre is out 26th May 2023 via High Point Records

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