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Review: “Hypnosomnia” by Black Rabbit

Inspired by Megadeth, Obituary and Death while citing an acute lack of Metal bands in their native Apeldoorn in The Netherlands, axe wielding duo Jelle Bekelmans and Hidde Holfland formed Dutch Groove Death Thrash Metal Black Rabbit back in 2014 and while the band has been something of a revolving door of musicians since then,

Review: “Apocalyptic Doom” by God Disease

Adorned by cover art from Nuno Zuki (Belial Nercoarts) the second full length album “Apocalyptic Doom“ after no less than four EPs since Death Doom trio God Disease emerged from the bleak midwinter of Helsinki Finland a decade ago represents much promise. Mixed by Olli Nokkala (Misery Index, Cryptic Hatred, Ashen Tomb) at Studio Kolotila

Review: “Succumb To Rot” by Corpsessed

“One circle closes only for another to begin anew. This is the logical conclusion to ‘Impetus of Death’ where the limits of human existence give us a push to even do things in life (art being the pinnacle) – ‘Succumb to Rot’ is the inevitable end where all things must eventually die and give in

NEWS: God Syndrome take on Gorefest!

Throughout their career Russian Death Metal brutes God Syndrome have been known for some anvil heavy covers, taking on all time classics from the likes of Megadeth and Sepultura but the last few months have seen them change the game with a “God Syndrome Plays” series. This time around they’ve plucked “For The Masses” from Dutch

NEWS: God Syndrome play Amon Amarth!

…with one guitar and keys pre-recorded and the remainder done in one take, Russian Death Metal brutes God Syndrome have sharpened their axes and dropped a performance of “Deceiver Of The Gods” by Amon Amarth as they celebrate a decade of destruction having formed in 2011. The band are no strangers to a cover having

NEWS: God Syndrome crush Arch Enemy!

Known for their ripping Death Metal covers of tracks like “Dead Embryonic Cells” by Sepultura and “Symphony Of Destruction” Megadeth, Russian brutes God Syndrome have from dropped a one take live recording of “Dead Eyes See No Future” by Arch Enemy, seemingly from out of nowhere. Recorded in their rehearsal space it sees them play

Review: “2020” by Hellfound

Formed in 2012 in Zhytomyr Ukraine, Hellfound started with a shared interest in horror movies and their lyrical themes often resolved around zombies and apocalyptic events, however during the bands development, themes have shifted to change and social problems accompanied by a healthy dose of Groove, Death and even Thrash Metal. The quintet started out

Review: “Cover Compilation” by God Syndrome

A Melodic Death Metal act formed in Samara Russia in 2011, God Syndrome take influence from the Death Metal scenes in America, Sweden and Poland to create their sound which is highlighted as they pay tribute to their heroes with this covers EP. The band consists of Vocalist Pavel Bamburov, guitarist Sergey Aksenov, bassist Dmitry

Playthrough: “Cataclysm Children” by God Syndrome!

We’ve been fans of Russian Melodic Death Metal brutes God Syndrome since 2016’s “Controverse” album and back in May they unveiled a covers complication EP of note. Included on the track listing is a rendition of “Cataclysm Children” by Dimmu Borgir that features a guest appearance from Elena Feneva who adds keyboards and soundscapes and

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Singles of 2020!

Probably the toughest of the categories in 2020 with the digital age lending itself to bands releasing runs of high grade explosive singles rather than committing to a full album or EP. That being said, the floor is clear, we can only pick five due to a short attention span so without further ado; of