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NEWS: Amoth watch the World burn!

”The Man Who Watches The World Burn” lays down the gauntlet as the first release from the upcoming third album of Finnish Progressive Heavy Metallers Amoth. It will see the return of vocalist Pekka Montin to the helm, as he will now pull double duties, remaining the vocalist and keyboard player in Ensiferum. ”This is

Review: “From The Grave” EP by Cro-Mags

Having toured the World over since 1986’s seminal debut album “The Age Of Quarell“, a record introduced Thrash riffs to Hardcore Punk and made Cro-Mags arguably the forefathers of both Crossover Thrash and Metallic Hardcore. A hugely influential album, it gave them a career and brought through the likes of Machine Head, Sepultura, Hatebreed, Shadows

Playlist: Metal Noise TV: A Tribute to Sepultura

Another dose of Metal Noise TV, a tribute to the original Sepultura, pre-Derick Green era. Not that I have anything against the current line up – there will a playlist of Derick Green era Sepultura covers appearing here at some point in the future! Also upcoming… “LipSnot” (A Tribute to SlipKnot)… “Other Cutz” from Palisades…