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Bootleg: Merauder in Kawasaki Japan!

Brooklyn New York Hardcore crew Merauder may have just a single original member in the band but in frontman Jorge Rosado they have someone who knows what time it is. If you want to talk about influence, they’ve been covered by Hatebreed, Heaven Shall Burn, God Forbid and even Twitching Tongues. Pro-Shot on 21th September on

Bootleg: Merauder in Japan!

Brooklyn New York Hardcore crew Merauder emerged from the 90’s Hardcore scene with the classic “Master Killer“. They may have only released four albums in 29 years together via Regain Records but each one is as hard hitting as the last. Pro-Shot on 15th September on the opening night of their Japanese tour at Shinsaibashi

Review: “Self Titled” EP by Mindfield

Jacksonville Florida is the home of vocalist Nick Troupe, guitarist Matthew Tubman and rhythm section brothers bassist Colby Bacon and drummer Trevor Bacon otherwise known as Mindfield. Their specialty is Hardcore of the bludgeoning variety with their influences cited as All Out War, Merauder and Sepultura. Having formed 4 years ago in 2015 and with

The Black Map #25: Last Wishes from Belfast!

Our journey across The Black Map of the UK Underground Metal Scene takes us from our capital city to Belfast. Northern Ireland’s capital city and famed for being the place where the doomed ocean liner The Titanic was constructed. It’s name is taken from the Irish words Béal Feirsde meaning “rivermouth”. But we’re not here for some

Playlist: A Tribute to Cro-Mags!

Among the first to fuse hardcore punk with thrash metal, New York City’s Cro-Mags are considered to be one of the most influential crossover thrash bands of their time. Their seminal pair of albums in 1986’s “Age Of Quarrel” and 1989’s “Best Wishes” spawned a generation of metallic hardcore bands, including the likes of Biohazard