Review: “Self Titled” EP by Mindfield

Jacksonville Florida is the home of vocalist Nick Troupe, guitarist Matthew Tubman and rhythm section brothers bassist Colby Bacon and drummer Trevor Bacon otherwise known as Mindfield. Their specialty is Hardcore of the bludgeoning variety with their influences cited as All Out War, Merauder and Sepultura. Having formed 4 years ago in 2015 and with a pair of EPs in “Perpetual Suffering” and “Void Of Illuminance” under their belts alongside tours with Hoods and Lowered A.D., they’ve returned for round #3! All tracking and mixing done by Robert Kotlinski at Shed Sound Studios with Mastering done by Daniel Colombo at LFT Studios.

A chugged riff followed by a huge whammy bar dive bomb gets “Terminal Atonement” off to a crossover Thrash start with a Power Trip meets Hatebreed sound that has that instant headbang appeal and makes you want to throw the nearest person over the garden fence. In a good way. Nick Troupe has suitably ferocious bark while the backing vocals have a live feel as they capture their live energy to perfection. “Ter-min-al A-tone-ment” is the way the title is delivered with a viciousness as lyrically the song is about the action of making amends for a wrong by slicing skin open, watching the blood flow out and sealing the fate. The final breakdown and whammy bar dive bomb is accompanied by Troupe in a lower tone before dropping into the haunting melodic guitars of “Sacrifice Of The Skin”. The spoken word introduction evokes memories of “Punishment” by Biohazard and after 32 seconds some more whammy bar action brings back the crossover Thrash vibe with stompy riffs and a solo that belongs on a horror film soundtrack score from the late 80’s. “Violent Nature” wastes no time in opening with a face melting solo from Tubman straight off the bat before diving into it’s main riff. Using the backing vocals to add a pitch change to Troupes vocals before dropping out into a slower melodic bridge that gives drummer Trevor Bacon a chance to show off some tribal influence is a real showcase for their live show, before bringing it back for a couple of savage lines and bathing everything in glorious feedback [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Terminal Atonement
  2. Sacrifice Of The Skin
  3. Violent Nature

“Self Titled” by Mindfield is out on 20th September and available for pre-order over at bandcamp

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