The Black Map #25: Last Wishes from Belfast!

Our journey across The Black Map of the UK Underground Metal Scene takes us from our capital city to Belfast. Northern Ireland’s capital city and famed for being the place where the doomed ocean liner The Titanic was constructed. It’s name is taken from the Irish words Béal Feirsde meaning “rivermouth”. But we’re not here for some history lessons. We’re here for some Hardcore. Belfast quartet Last Wishes have be been tearing it up since 2015. Their ruthless blend of Metallic Hardcore riffs and high energy dynamic grabs your attention like secuisec grabbing your throat to throw you out of the venue. But Last Wishes aren’t you’re average Hardcore band. Coming from Belfast and dealing with the struggles has lead them to write songs like “Survival Instinct” about overcoming metal health issues while admitting to influences from the likes of Hatebreed, Merauder, Biohazard and even Crown Of Thornz and playing songs they want to hear. Expect them to be playing some European shows next summer! New release “The Price of Freedom” should pave their way.

Want more? You can check them out over at Bandcamp.

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