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NEWS: Corrosion of Conformity on the prowl?

The influence of Lynyrd Skyrnyrd goes far and wide with everyone from Deftones to Spirit Adrift paying homage. The latest to do so are the almighty Corrosion of Conformity who have seen a visualisation streaming for their rendition of “On The Hunt” via Nuclear Blast. Every time the suggestion of the Americans bringing an end

Review: “20th Centuries Gone” by Spirit Adrift

“I always thought it would be a cool experience to record some songs by bands that are foundational to the DNA of Spirit Adrift. These choices are obvious and on the nose to me, but maybe unexpected to the fans. That made the whole thing a lot of fun. A band like Lynyrd Skynyrd might

Interview: Weedeater talk First concert ever!

Weedeater were caught in their new bath robes in this new “First Concert Ever” clip from Digital Tour Bus. Add a brilliant live cut of Lynyrd Skyrnyrd‘s “Gimmie Back My Bullets” and we have a winner. The Wilmington North Carolina sludge metal trio are currently touring 2015’s “Goliathan”.