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NEWS: Marked;Life prepared for “Alone Art”!

The day before “You’ll Be Gone Forever“, the debut EP from Phoenix Arizona’s Marked;Life surfaces, they’ve let us have single “Alone Art“. The quartet are signed to We Are Triumphant and are calling themselves Progressive Nu-Metal with summer 2019 single “Just Deaf” reaching the better part of 183k of Spotify streams.

NEWS: Marked;Life enter the “Saferoom”!

Ever wondered what a Progressive Nu-Metal band sounds like? Look no further that Phoenix Arizona quintet Marked;Life. The We Are Triumphant singings have dropped just their third single entitled “Saferoom” with previous tracks “Just Deaf” and “Loner Wolf” racking up 111k worth of Spotify streams between them. Prior to lockdown they shared stages with Carried

NEWS: Marked;Life become the “Loner Wolf”!

Moving to Phoenix Arizona for out second shot of Nu-Metal for the day, Marked;Life have landed a sucker punch with new single “Loner Wolf” that brings Gloom tones into the mix. They debuted first single “Just Deaf” at the beginning of the summer and it’s hit the 60k stream mark on Spotify!