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Listmania: New Years Day Honours List 2021!

We reached a lot of milestone markers in the success of Metal Noise in 2021 and while we weren’t able to bring you anywhere near as many live reviews as we’d hoped for or any summer Festival coverage (for obvious reasons), there were some real bucket list moments chalked off, including our fly on the

NEWS: May The Tempest defy gravity!

Not to be confused with the Wage War song of the same name, Munich Metalcore merchants May The Tempest have plucked “Gravity” from their album “Rise To Remain” and given it the full music video treatment while avoiding the obvious opportunity to use footage from their July album release show. The band have remained away

Playthrough: “Nowhere” from May The Tempest!

German Metalcore Merchants May The Tempest were living the dream when they toured the Baltic states with Miss May I and that inspired them when it came to writing and recording their recently released album “Rise To Remain“. Picking up an Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Custom EMG armed with Ernie Ball strings and tuned

Exclusive Interview: May The Tempest talk “Rise To Remain”!

Last month German Metalcore act May The Tempest unleashed “Rise To Remain” after leaving a trail of breadcrumbs in single form with “Bitter Taste” (Summer 2016) “Different” (February 2020), “Ghost” (March 2020), and “Nowhere” (August 2020) laying the foundations for it following their 2015 debut EP “Siren“. Their DIY work ethic lead to the new album

Review: “Rise To Remain” by May The Tempest

As a band May The Tempest are a quintet who have taken the better part of six years to reach their milestone debut album with a DIY work ethic which has earned them a few lucky breaks along the way. Hailing form Munich, Germany Lucci (Shouts), Jonas  (Guitars &Clean Vocals), Andi (Guitars), Patrick (Drums) and