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Playthrough: “Underneath A Sullen Moon” by Shadow Of Intent!

Shadow Of Intent drummer Anthony Barone keeps on rolling up his sleeves and hammering out the drum playthrough videos with a little help from his friends. The band, who released a gargantuan Symphonic Deathcore album in “Melancholy” last year will be upon our shores for a pair of shows in August, their first and we

Playthrough: “Dirge Of The Void” from Shadow Of Intent!

With video filmed by Drew Mestel, Shadow of Intent guitarist Chris Wiseman has laid down the guantlet for Death Metal guitarists new material in 2020 with a playthrough for “Dirge Of The Void“. The track appears on the bands current album “Meloncholy” which is a Symphonic Deathcore favourite in these parts.

Playthrough: “Gravesinger” by Shadow Of Intent!

When it comes to Symphonic Deathcore, Shadow Of Intent have the genre nailed. The will we/won’t we question over a review of their album “Melancholy” before the end of 2019 remains in the air so in the mean time – here’s sticksman Anthony Barone performing a playthrough of “Gravesinger”. The video was shot by Clinton

Playthrough: “Barren And Breathless Macrocosm” from Shadow Of Intent!

Preparing for a January US trek with Brand Of Sacrifice, Signs Of The Swarm and Inferi, Shadow Of Intent guitarist Chris Wiseman has recorded a playthrough for “Barren And Breathless Macrocosm” from “Meloncholy“, which is rapidly becoming the 9/10 Symphonic Deathcore album we haven’t (as yet) reviewed. It’s a running joke at Metal Noise. Will

Playthrough: “Barren And Breathless Macrocosm” from Shadow Of Intent!

Former Hunt The Dinosaur and The Faceless drummer Bryce Butler was filmed filling in for Antony Barone on the drum stool for Shadow Of Intent as they player the iconic Chain Reaction in Anaheim California. Here’s “Barren And Breathless Macrocosm” culled from their set with 9/10 “Meloncholy” from the Symphonic Deathcore warriors out now!

Bootleg: Shadow of Intent in Atlanta!

Also filmed at Masquerade in Atlanta Georgia on 6th October, here are “Meloncholy”, “Malediction” and “Barren And Breathless from Symphonic Deathcore band Shadow Of Intent. The band are currently touring their third album “Meloncholy” with Despised Icon and Kublai Khan. Oh and they love Music, Food and Epic video games. Which is ironic because those

Bootleg: Shadow of Intent at Chain Reaction!

If we were to review “Melancholy” from Shadow of Intent then co-conspirator Gecko would have us rate it a 9/10. A Symphonic Deathcore band from Connecticut, they’ve grown from being a project between vocalist Ben Duerr and Multi-instrumentalist Chris Wiseman in 2014 to ripping their third album out of the ground in 2019. Here’s a

Playthrough: “Gravesinger” by Shadow Of Intent!

Recorded by Grant Mcfarland and Carson Slovak at Think Loud Studios in York, PA¬†and with Clinton Tustin and Melissa Fera handling the filming and editing of the video, Shadow of Intent drummer Anthony Barone has stepped back into the studio to record a playthrough of “Gravesinger” from the bands a couple of week old new