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Review: “The Wound, The Blade” by ATLVS

After 3 years on from their 2019 debut EP “Memoir“, Melbourne Australian Metalcore quintet ATLVS entered the studio to record “The Wound, The Blade” in collaboration with Alpha Wolf guitarist Scottie Simpson who also mixed and mastered the six track affair. Having danced upon stages with Gravemind and Windwalker in the interim, unveiling 2020 standalone

NEWS: Atlvs unveil final single “Synthetic Heaven”!

As Australian Metal outfit ATLVS inch closer to the release of their sophomore EP, ‘The Wound, The Blade‘ recorded, mixed and mastered by Scottie Simpson (Alpha Wolf) the band have shared one final single in “Synthetic Heaven“. An emotional one it pulls on the heartstrings, about losing a loved one and realising too late that you wish you

Playthrough: “Broken Bonds” from Altvs!

Riding high in the crest of the wave having recorded a collection of new cuts with Scottie Simpson of Alpha Wolf behind the boards, Atlvs have shared a guitar playthrough for recent single “Broken Bonds“. Curiously enough their axe welding duo use very different gear with an Ibanez RGB16 armed with EMG pickups and D’addario

NEWS: Atlvs break their chains to survive?

“Survivor of turbulence and violence, Within the walls of your home, Now You’ve grown so much stronger, Able to hold your own, The memories never go away, Trauma lingers throughout your age, The memories never go away, Broken bonds never heal the same” A fourth single with the same cover artwork for a record called

Review: “Memoir” by Kneel Before The Death

“EP was created during last couple of years. As a band we explored some new methods to write music and searched for an inspiration from new kind of sources. We want to make our sound bigger and more distinctive but so that we sound like a band. So the orchestrations have became as an essential

NEWS: Kneel Before The Death announce upcoming EP “Memoir”!

It has been four years since their last confession but Helsinki Finland based extreme metal band Kneel Before The Death have released a new single called “Lust” which lyrically deals with frustration as well as how fear takes full control of a person and all that is left is anger and also serves as the opening

NEWS: Three times a charm for Atlvs!

Putting together their dream team, Grippsland Australian Metallers ATLVS have premiered a new cut titled “Comethazine“, recorded, mixed and mastered by Alpha Wolf guitarist Scottie Simpson and added to it with a music video directed, produced and edited by former Aversions Crown vocalist Colin Jeffs of Ten of Swords Media. It’s the third single to

NEWS: ATLVS finish their memoirs…

A prime example of what you can achieve with the help of your friends, the new single from Grippsland Australian Metallers ATLVS called  “Nazareth” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Scottie Simpson and has a music video directed, produced and edited by Sabian Lynch. That’s the Alpha Wolf guitarist duo. So if you’re a fan of

NEWS: ATLVS fall for “Sorrow”!

Grippsland Australian Metallers ATLVS have shared a new single entitled “Sorrow” and used the opportunity to showcase the talents and officially announce their new vocalist Mitchell James, who has been at the helm during their recent live shows. The track is their  first new material since their debut June 2019 EP “Memoir” so it might

Bootleg: “Love” from ATLVS!

Filmed by Andrew Bromley here’s “Love” from Australian Metalcore act ATLVS at The Workers Club in Melbourne. Their EP “Memoir” is out now, check out our review of that little ripper. Australians don’t give a Castlemaine XXXX for anything else. Except Polaris. Maybe.