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Playthrough: “The Reign” from Imonolith!

It’s been eight weeks since episode one of “The Quarantine Sessions” from Imonolith (Threat Signal, Devin Townsend Project, etc) began the taking track by track playthrough video for every song from their new album “State of Being“. This weeks video is one for the brilliant “The Reign“, made all the more special by a guest

Review: “The Black Ritual” by Cryptonight

Creating a niche sound by blending DJent and Doom styles together inspired by re-occuring nightmares, Cryptonight are a duo who are looking to create a dark atmospheric full of horror and malice with every note. All the guitars were recorded on an 8 string and the lyrics contain subtle references from games such as Bloodborne,

Documentary: Reasons to hate Metal?

Why would some people intentionally make up reasons to hate Metal? Some people hate what they don’t understand. Those people usually know nothing about what they’re hating on. After all, Metal is a broad church and the sounds of Linkin Park are as incomparable with Dimmu Borgir as Meshuggah. So in this latest episode, Canadian

Under The Influence #47: NADA on “Masstaden” by Vildhjarta!

Progressive DJentlemen Vildhjarta formed in Hudiksvall Sweden in 2005 and are known for employing Meshuggah influenced jarring staccato riffs, harmonic minor chord progressions and when “Masstaden” was written back in 2011, a dual lead vocal attack. Recorded with Jens Bogren (Sepultura, At The Gates, Arch Enemy) handling mastering and guitarist Daniel Bergström handling production, the

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Meshuggah!

2008 saw Swedish Extreme Metallers and the Godfathers of DJent Meshuggah come in hot with the ripper of an album that is “obZen“. A partial return that blends the older styles of the band with the newer ones to create a hybrid that is the best of both worlds with elements of Progressive, Thrash, Avant-garde

Riff Police! Pull Over! #101: Meshuggah Vs Lamb Of God!

Sweden is home to an experimental Death Metal band who have become the Godfathers of DJent. Back in 1995 the now legendary Meshuggah wrote at Soundfront Studios one of the most important albums of their career. Combining elements of Progressive, Thrash, Groove and Avant-garde Metal they created in “Destroy Erase Improve” the first album that really

Review: “State Of Being” by Imonolith

What happens when you take a diverse range of talented musicians and throw them into a room, lock the door and run away, swallowing the key? They’ll get called a “super group” or “all star” when they get out but their compositions may or may not be worth checking out. Sometimes one particular member of

Review: “Of Truth And Sacrifice” by Heaven Shall Burn

After taking a break, German Melodic Death Metallers Heaven Shall Burn decided to take a different creative route with their ninth studio album, the follow up to 2016’s critically acclaimed “Wanderer“. Bringing in composer Sven Helbig (Rammstein, Pet Shop Boys) and renowned conductor Wilhelm Keitel, they sought to add a string section to their sound

Bootleg: Meshuggah at Summer Breeze 2019!

Needing no introductions, the founding fathers of DJent Meshuggah were undoubtedly one of the highlights of Rockplast Summer Breeze 2019. Here’s a Pro-Shot full set including “Straws Pulled At Random”, “Future Breed Machine” and “Born In Dissonance” from the band who have performances at Jera On Air (Netherlands), With Full Force (Germany), VOA Heavy Rock

Review: “Blood Moon” EP by Manalyth

Tustin in Orange County California is where you’ll find Multi Instrumentalist (Guitars, Bass, Drums, Synths and Piano) Brodee McLaren and vocalist Brandon Craven on most days if the week. The duo create Progressive Deathcore and are label free because let’s face it, in the internet age, as they put it, who needs one? They’ve hooked