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NEWS: Born In Dissonance return with “Imposter”!

Impostor Syndrome. The persistent inability to believe that one’s success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one’s own efforts or skills. That’s the subject matter of choice for the new single from Bristol Metallic Hardcore heavyweights Born In Dissonance, who may or may not take their name from the Meshuggah

Bootleg: Meshuggah in San Francisco!

Filmed by Iron Serbian for Capital Chaos TV at a Sold Out show The Warfield Theatre in San Francisco California on 4th October, here are a pair of cuts from the opening night of the US tour for “Immutable” that finds Meshuggah joined by In Flames. Yes, that’s the same venue that Slayer recorded their

NEWS: Meshuggah quench the thirst in the US?

The return of the almighty Meshuggah to the stage in the US alongside Converge and In Flames has been announced with a music video for “I Am That Thirst” from their ninth album “Immutable“. The Swedish Progressive Technical Death Metal Masters (Trademark, patent applied for) received critical acclaim for that with drummer Thomas Haake receiving

NEWS: Meshuggah unveil “Broken Cog”!

After six long years the sequel to “The Violent Sleep of Reason” from Swedish Extreme Metallers and the Godfathers of DJent Meshuggah finally arrived in “Immutable” and after three singles in the songs “The Abysmal Eye“, “Light The Shortening Fuse” and “I Am That Thirst” dropped before the release, we weren’t expecting a music video

Review: “Immutable” by Meshuggah

“For us, it wasn’t all that clear that we were making a new album. We knew we could do it, but did we want to do it? We had to decide, are we doing this or what else are we doing? After a long, long discussion, we agreed on certain things. We would make an

NEWS: Meshuggah awake from The Violent Sleep Of Reason!

Whether it’s an April fools joke or the price of reality, ‘The Abysmal Eye‘ serves as the first taste of a new album from Swedish extreme tech-metal pioneers Meshuggah. The song is taken from their upcoming ninth studio manifest, “Immutable“, released worldwide via Atomic Fire on 1st April 2022. Recorded in Sweden’s Sweetspot Studios, their

NEWS: Imonolith return to “The Reign” with Jens Kidman!

While it doesn’t have a date as yet, another single from the sophomore record “Progressions” from Canadian Supergroup Imonolith has appeared. A remix of “The Reign” done by Jens Kidman of Meshuggah, who dropped a guest vocal appearance on the “State Of Being” album version of the track is what the offering is, following a

Playthrough: “Lethargica” from Carcosa!

Someone needs to start a petition to get Carcosa guitarist Andrew Baena to go full band for some of his jucier instrumental cover offerings. Who wouldn’t want to hear Carcosa go full shotgun blast on this rendition of “Lethargica” from Meshuggah? Baena did his damage with an Ibanez FTM33 8 string in F standard tuning

Review: ”Måsstaden Under Vatten” by VILDHJARTA

When it comes down to it, it could almost be considered a crime against humanity that a collective like VILDHJARTA have been allowed to leave in excess of 2920 days between releases but the quality of their 2011 debut “Måsstaden” and 2013 EP “Thousands Of Evils” have been more than enough to keep the home