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Playthrough: “Bloodletter” from August Burns Red!

Having given us 10th Anniversary tours for “Messengers” and “Constellations“, what chance is there that 2021 will see one for their 2011, fourth studio album “Leveler“? The deluxe version of the album cover is surprisingly reminiscent of the Jeep falling down the ravine in Jurassic Park… Anyway, here’s a playthrough video for “Bloodletter” from drummer

Playthrough: “Composure” from August Burns Red!

Now in its 13th year, “Messengers” is still an album that is much loved by August Burns Red fans and fans of Metalcore today and if their 10th Anniversary tour trek for the album wasn’t evidence enough then we’d have to ask, what is? Matt Greiner loves “Composure” so much that despite the band’s new