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NEWS: Transport League get metronomic!

A late summer release “Kaiserschnitt” is the fifth album since Tony Jelencovich reconvened Transport League in 2009 and the band are still promoting it with the help of Mighty Music, an imprint label of German powerhouse SPV with a music video for “Atomic” dropping just a few days after “Cannibal Holobeast” from their 2017’s “Twist

NEWS: Four times a charm for Transport League!

Swedish Alternative Metallers Transport League have set 27th August for “Kaiserschnitt” to surface for air from the black depths and are joined by none other than Christian Sture of Heal for the title track, captured in full technicolor glory. It marks the fourth single from the album to be released in 2021 via Mighty Music

NEWS: Transport League survive the curse?

After the success of their tour with A Pale Horse Named Death, the continuation of all things Transport League with a new album in “Kaiserschnitt” out on 27th August 2021 via Mighty Music has to be something to raise a shot glass to. The band have thrown down a lyric video for “Me The Cursed”

Review: “Thrashmageddon” by Demolizer

When you have an album titled “Thrashmageddon” as a self respecting Metal Head, you should know what to expect. The resurgence in the Thrash Metal scene during recent years has been a mixed affair but bands like Havok and Hazzerd have been leading the charge with London’s Thrasherwolf waving the flag held aloft by Anthrax,

NEWS: Confessions of an Arsonist from Demolizer!

…with a week to go, a music video for “Copenhagen Burning” taken from Demolizer new album “Thrashmageddon” to be released on Mighty Music on 11th September 2020. As if the title didn’t give it away, the album is an old school Thrash fest with influences cited as being Motörhead, Exodus and Kreator. “Thrashmageddon” was recorded,

Throwback: “Disconnect Massconnect” by Transport League!

2003 saw Swedish Metallers Transport League release an album entitled “Multiple Organ Harvest”, their fourth full length since their 1994 inception. The bands constantly evolving line-up has a single mainstay in frontman and guitarist Tony Jelencovich who has also been involved in countless other bands including B-Thong, Icon In Me and Mnuemic. A music video

NEWS: “Dawn of Lucifer” from Transport League!

Bringing Boogie From Hell since 1994, “A Million Volt Scream”, a brand new album from Swedish Metallers Transport League will be appearing on 6th September via Mighty Music. Pre-orders are available here. They’ve been joined by Tobbe Andersson who plays the character of Satan in a music video for “Dawn of Lucifer”…  

NEWS: Transport League create “Monster Human”!

Upon our shores in just 12 days time in support of A Pale Horse Named Death will be Transport League. They have a brand new album pencilled in for release on 30th of August through Mighty Music and have dropped this new single “Human Monster”. It’s a beast!