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Documentary: Behind The Scenes of “Hideous” with Vexed!

After the announcement of their signing to Napalm Records for debut album “Culling Culture“, Vexed take us behind the scenes of the first music video from the record “Hideous“. The record drops on 21st May with pre-orders available over at bandcamp. Intriguingly it doesn’t feature either of the bands previously released singles in “Dominate” or “Elite”

NEWS: Vexed get “Hideous” and announce debut album!

It was only ever a matter of time before the debut album from Vexed was announced after they inked a deal with Napalm Records and that news comes with the a music video for new track “Hideous“. The album is called “Culling Culture” with portions of its contents delivering the band’s unfiltered response to the

Documentary: Nervosa Introductions #2!

After last week’s introduction to new bassist Mia Winter Wallace (ex-Abbath), the now multi national all female Thrash Metal outfit Nervosa have chosen the only woman left standing from the original line up in guitarist Prika Amaral for the second of their video biographies. If you missed it, their new album and first together with

Playthrough: “Strength Beyond Strength” from Jinjer..?

If you didn’t already think that Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer were a talented bunch of musicians, the fact that drummer Vlad Ulasevich has thrown us a guitar playthrough video for “Strength Beyond Strength” by Pantera just blew our collective minds. Perhaps he will have some input on the guitar work on the bands next record,

Documentary: “Bystander” from Sumo Cyco!

We’ve had the music video and the live stream so now it’s time for the behind the scenes footage from the video shoot for “Bystander“, the third single behind “Love You Wrong” and “Run With The Giants” from Canadian quartet Sumo Cyco. They set the date of 7th May for the release of the album

Playthrough: “Venomous” from Nervosa!

If “Perpetual Chaos” the new album from the re-tooled all female Thrash quartet Nervosa isn’t already ringing in your ear drums, then you might want to check out this guitar playthrough from the sole remaining original member Prika Amaral for “Venomous“. No longer based in San Paulo with new members in vocalist Diva Satanica of

NEWS: Mushroomhead split “Madness Within” and “Carry On”!

If you missed this past weekends Shroomhouse Double Feature from Cleveland Ohio’s Mushroomhead which saw their pair up music videos for “Madness Within” and “Carry On” from their latest offering “A Wonderful Life” with a wealth of extra footage then it comes highly recommended. But if you haven’t got time for that, their new label

Bootleg: “Black Gold” from Infected Rain!

Infected Rain dropped their major label debut in “Endorphin” as they inked a deal with Napalm Records and its environmental responsibility themes including that of “Black Gold” run deep. If you’ve missed frontman Lena Scissorhands “Bananas” series of interviews as she talks to musicians and friends her band have shared stages with then that’s something

Documentary: Shroomhouse Double Feature with Mushroomhead!

Unveiling their own creature double feature, Cleveland Ohio’s Mushroomhead have paired a music video for “Carry On” and for “Madness Within” in a grind house style short movie for Valentine’s Day. Both cuts appear on the bands Napalm Records debut “A Wonderful Life” and bring together superstition and science fiction with their usual dark masked