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Playthrough: “Misery” from Vexed!

We’ve know of the Progressive Deathcore talents of Vexed for a long while having seen the in the live arena, crushing stages and burning venues down with “Dominate” and “Elite” paving the way. So their signing to Napalm Records is the kind of pinch yourself, we’re dreaming moment that their hard work has earned them.

NEWS: Sumo Cyco have bad news for us?

After a 3/10 review for their upcoming new album “Intuition” in Metal Hammer Magazine this month, we’re more intrigued to hear the record that will mark the third full length from Canadian Alternative Metallers Sumo Cyco and their debut for Napalm Records than we were before. After all, why would a major label pick up

NEWS: Nervosa cover “Countless Bathory”!

Still yet to be able to play any shows around their new album “Perpetual Chaos“, the now multinational Nervosa have shared cover of “Countless Bathory” by Venom that sees vocalist Diva Satanica joined by Jeff Mantas Dunn. We’re not one hundred percent sure that if a cover includes an appearance from a member of the

Bootleg: “Drink” with Alestorm!

On a Gregg’s sponsored “Quest to steal your sausage, bean and cheese melts” this winter, Scottish Pirate Metallers Alestorm will be joined by Glory Hammer and Aether Realm. Between now and then “Live In Tilburg“, a high quality live album, DVD and Blu-ray will be appearing on 28th May via Napalm Records. Here’s “Drink” cut

Playthrough: “Gore” from Evile!

Finally able to celebrate the release of their highly anticipated new album “Hell Unleashed” via Napalm Records, Huddersfield Thrash revivalists Evile have turned the spotlight on single “Gore” as mastermind Ol Drake gives us a lesson on how to play the ripper of a solo. The new album marks their first since 2013 as well

NEWS: Evile pay homage to The Thing!

Keeping themselves firmly in the headlines with a couple of days to go until the release of their first album in the better part of eight years, Huddersfield Thrash revivalists Evile have unveiled a music video created by Ingo Spörl of Hard-Media.com for at track that pays tribute to a John Carpenter masterpiece. Taking the

Interview: Evile talk “Hell Unleashed” with Heavy New York!

The man, the myth, the legend Ol Drake spoke to Heavy New York about his band Evile signing to Napalm Records for their upcoming new album “Hell Unleashed“, improving his vocals with Melissa Cross and a whole heap of other stuff. That album will be out 30th April, marking the Huddersfield Thrash revivalists first with Adam

NEWS: Vexed unleash 3rd new single “Misery”!

A third stand out single from the upcoming highly anticipated 21st May major label debut album “Culling Culture” from Vexed is upon us. Titled “Misery” it’s another ruthless gut punch of a cut with absorbing lyrics that continues the momentum the band have built up over years of hard graft prior to landing a deal

Documentary: Behind The Scenes of “Vertigo” with Sumo Cyco!

A week after they released single “Vertigo” from their upcoming major label debut album “Intuition“, Canadian Alternative Metallers Sumo Cyco have gone back to the video for a behind the scenes featurette, something made all the more special because the band do their own videos completely DIY. It’s not long before the album drops either,

Interview: Sepultura on Party Time, Excellent!

For those unfamiliar, the frontwoman of Moldova’s finest Metal export Infected Rain Lena Scissorhands has been hosting a series of interviews on her YouTube channel Bananas under the Party Time Excellent! slogan that was the mantra by Bill and Ted. The latest episode in that series sees her chat to Sepultura vocalist Derrick Green about all