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Documentary: Tattoo Tours #3 with Vexed!

“Sacrifice every aspect of, Your life, Break your body soul, And mind, Talent and all of your time, It can’t compete with, Bloodlines, Nepotism nepotism, Another way to hack, The system, Favouritism favouritism, You don’t deserve the, Things that you’re given, Nepotism nepotism”

NEWS: Death Dealer Union look between, beneath, beyond!

While Infected Rain reign terror on Europe, the other project of vocalist Lena Scissorhands have decided to do something incredibly rare and release a music video for the final track on their album “Initiation“. The song is of course “Beyond Heaven” by Death Dealer Union, a Napalm Records release from September with an interesting Gothic

Interview: Infected Rain talk “Time” with Heavy New York!

It’s six interviews in seven days after four months out of the game for Heavy New York and a fifth all time interview with Lena Scissorhands of Infected Rain and it has to be said that such dedication to all things Metal deserves a Medal. Moldova’s finest export have just dropped their sixth album “Time”

Documentary: Tattoo Tours #2 with Vexed!

“I’m done with hearing, I’m not good enough, That the quota has been filled, There’s space for everyone but in your, Eyes it’s kill or be killed, It’s kill or be killed, Go on criticise, tell me why. Tell me why a fetishism formed on, Hate and criticism is classed as, Opinion. It’s become the

Interview: Nervosa on The Garza Podcast!

Set to join Sepultura on their farewell tour Brazilian Thrash act Nervosa are the latest to join Chris Garza under the lights for an extended interview. They talk about line up changes, the strength to carry on, joining the ranks at NAMM, playing Wacken and… hair care, all in support of their latest burnt offering

Interview: Infected Rain talk “Time” with Belgian Jasper!

Fresh from the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise Infected Rain frontwoman Lena Scissorhands took some time out of her schedule to talk to Belgian Jasper about the bands very soon to be released album “Time“. A sixth in all for the band, it’s the first for new bassist Alice Lane and will soon be followed by

NEWS: Before The Dawn cruise through the flames!

Finnish Melodic Death Metal outfit Before The Dawn maybe fresh from the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise but that hasn’t stopped them announcing a new EP titled “Archaic Flame” for 8th March via Napalm Records with a music video for the title track. Mixed by Juho Räihä (Countless Skies, Kalmah, Dawn Of Solace) at Soundspiral

NEWS: Infected Rain climb the lighthouse?

Soon to be upon our shores as part of a run with Dragonforce and Amaranthe, Moldova’s finest export Infected Rain have offered up another single from their forthcoming album “Time“. Accompanied by a music video directed by Vadim Ojog and filmed by Evgeniy Dedkov “Lighthouse” appears just before the album does on 9th February via