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NEWS: Classic horror with “Snowblood” from Erra!

Birmingham Alabama Technical Progressive Metalcore quintet Erra have returned with new single “Snowblood“, 9 months after their double A side 7” vinyl cover of the Queens Of The Stone Age classic “You Think I Ain’t Worth A Dollar But I Feel Like A Millionaire” and original cut “Eye of God“. This new track conjurers classic

Bootleg: “Skyline” from Erra!

As the 10th Anniversary Tour for “Constellations” from August Burns Red rumbles on, here are Birmingham Alabama Progressive Metalcore act Erra performing “Skyline” in Melkweg Amsterdam Netherlands. “Neon” is out now via Sumerian Records and it has to be said that recieving quality new song “Eye Of God” so soon after it was released raised

NEWS: Erra join the Dessert Sessions?

In a surprise move with “Neon” still being a fresh release, Erra have shared a second non album single though Sumerian Records. Whether that means a deluxe version of the album is on th way, if these are just stand alone tracks or if they’re left over from the “Neon” recording sessions remains to be

Bootleg: Erra in Atlanta!

Filmed at Masquerade in Atlanta Georgia on 6th September, here are “Irreversible” and “Monolith” from Progressive Metalcore crew Erra on The Neon Alien tour with Northlane. They will be joining Currents in supporting August Burns Red on the 10th Anniversary Tour for “Constellations” that heads across Europe like a Blitzkrieg in November. Earlier this week, ABR

Bootleg: Erra also in Minnesota!

Current album “Neon” had hardly been out 5 minutes when Erra threw out the baby with the bath water and let us have a brand spanking new single entitled “Eye of God”. It features in this Pro-Shot full set with “Drift” and “Breach” at the Amsterdam Bar & Hall in St. Paul’s Minnesota on 23rd

NEWS: ERRA stare into the “Eye of God”

Sumerian Records have released a video for “Eye of God” by ERRA! The song is a surprise new tune given the age of current album “Neon” with the band to join Currents supporting August Burns Red on the 19 Year Anniversary Tour for “Constellations” upon our shores in late November! It’s bright, it’s colourful and

Playthrough: “Breach” from Erra!

Joining August Burns Red and Currents upon our shores to celebrate 10 Years of Constellations in November will be Erra. Pro-Shot at Masquerade in Atlanta Georgia, here’s sticksman Alex Ballew showing us how it’s done with “Breach”. New album “Neon” is out now via Sumerian Records.  

Playthrough: “Irreversible” from Erra!

Pro-Shot at Masquerade in Atlanta Georgia earlier this year, here’s drum cam footage of Alex Ballew of Erra performing “Irreversible”! They’ll be joining August Burns Red to celebrate 10 Years of Constellations upon our shores in November and bringing material from new album “Neon” with them!

Review: “Epiphany” by Napoleon

Exeter’s Napoleon have long been a band with a reputation for making progressive tech-metal with passion and groove like no other. Combining Wes Thompson’s impassioned vocals and phenomenal range with the guitar work of Sam Osborn who manages to get through the work of two guitarists in the live arena, these boys have talent! We haven’t even

Playthrough “Breach” from Erra!

Progressive Tech-Metallers Erra from Birmingham Alabama have released a guitar playthrough video for “Breach” from their recently released album “Neon”. Yes, that is a naturally finished Ibanez. Yes, the introduction is similar to “Momento Mori” by Architects. And yes, it’s one of the best tracks on the album! Check out our review!