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Live Review: “Alice In Hell: Live, 35 & Worldwide” from Annihilator!

The story goes that while planning anniversary shows around their sophomore album “Never, Neverland” in 2025, Canadian Thrash Metal legends Annihilator were offered the opportunity to celebrate the 35th anniversary of their debut album “Alice In Hell“. An exclusive one off performance of the record in full at Topfest 2024 in Slovakia was booked with

Interview: Annihilator talk “Ballistic Sadistic” part #3!

You know what we’re going to say. Part #3 of the album interview series for “Ballistic Sadistic” the upcoming new album from Canadian Thrash legends Annihilator sees guitarist Aaron Homma in front of the lens. The subjects of today’s conversation include the 30th Anniversary of second album “Never, Neverland” which appeared in 1990 via Roadrunner