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Review: “Never Young” by Loser

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan and signed to Emmure frontman Frankie Palemeri’s Red Zone Records are Loser, a band that claim to fuser Nu-Metal and Grunge in a new style called Psychedelia. Stating that their influences are Slipknot, Deftones, KoRn and Nirvana, the 5 piece of Sammy Morales (drums), Erik Into (bass), John Hillman (guitar), Brandon

NEWS: Ask Loser what a “Pump Fake” is…

Nu-Metal meets Grunge enthusiasts Loser have got their eyes on bringing “Never Young” to your attention on 24th May via Redzone Records, the label of Emmure frontman Frankie Palmeri. For now, you can check check out “Dance On My Grave” and new single “Pump Fake” which has had the full music video treatment. Pre-orders are