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Review: “Shadow” by Secrets of Mariana

Eight long years after their sophomore EP “No Escape” surfaced in July 2016, the return of Midlands Metallers Secrets of Mariana is one that we feared would never happen. However the band themselves had other ideas and refusing to give up the dream they released single “Cut & Run” in Friday 13th October 2023. That

Review: “Demo” by No Escape

When an envelope gets pushed with the word “Demo” written on it, you might expect something that sounds a little rough around the edges, like it was recorded in your parents basement or step father’s garage with a laptop and a single microphone, you know, just to get something down. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jerome

NEWS: No Escape from “Cold Hunger”!

Completed just seven months after their 2019 demo which was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jerome from Born Hanged, quartet No Escape from Mannheim in Germany who like to cut their Hardcore with Death Metal have returned with a brutal new single “Cold Hunger” and it’s properly good.