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Bootleg: Alestorm at Bloodstock 2018!

It’s finally here! The full hour long pro-shot set from Scottish Pirate Metallers Alestorm at Bloodstock Open Air Festival last summer! Rum? It’s time for some cuts from “No Grave But The Sea”!

Bootleg: “F***ed By An Anchor” from Alestorm!

Pro-Shot at Bloodstock Open Air Festival last summer here’s Scottish Pirate Metallers¬†Alestorm performing the classic “F***ed By An Anchor” from 2017’s “No Grave But the Sea”. Tickets for this year’s incarnation are available now. Parkway Drive being one of the controversial headliners…

Bootleg: “Keelhauled” by Alestorm!

Pro-Shot at Bloodstock 2018, here’s “Keelhauled” by Scottish Pirate Metallers Alestorm! The song release can only mean one thing. The full set is on the way! The band are currently touring “No Grave But the Sea” released in 2017 via Napalm Records!