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Review: “Altered Realities” by Sovereign

“Altered Realities is a product of an ever-evolving journey we have taken as a band, from our start in 2018 and culminating in the album’s recording in early 2022. We strive to push ourselves, both in terms of speed and technicality, whilst still keeping a groove and dynamic. Our approach to death/thrash is an interplay

NEWS: Sovereign look to counter with a Death Thrash attack!

Norwegian Death Thrash operatives Sovereign have continued to tease us by offering up a second single from their upcoming debut album “Altered Realities” in “Counter Tech“. That follows the title track out of Dark Descent Records who will be distributing the affair on 19th January 2024 in vinyl, cassette, compact disc and digital formats. Hailing

NEWS: Sovereign addicted to hallucinogenics?

Three years in the making, the time has finally come for the debut album “Altered Realities” of Oslo Death Thrash outfit Sovereign to rear its ugly head in follow up to 2020 EP “Neurotic“. The band features both Tommy Jacobsen and Vidar Fineidet, a pair you may know as the axe wielding duo of Nocturnal Breed