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Bootleg: Kublai Khan in Atlanta!

Bringing the famed Texas heat, Metallic Hardcore quartet Kublai Khan dropped their anvil heavy boot to the face of an album “Absolute” via Rise Records last week. Check out our review! Including new songs “Boomslang”, “Self Destruct” and “The Truest Love”, here’s an almost complete set from the 6th October stop of their run with

Review: “Absolute” by Kublai Khan

Sherman Texas Metallic Hardcore heavy hitters Kublai Khan have become the literal nomads of their previous album title in touring the World over several times in support of it since September 2017. The quartets second major label outing for Rise Records “Absolute” is not only a highly anticipated one due to the sheer quality of

Bootleg: Kublai Khan at Chain Reaction!

Courtesy of 197 Media here’s a full set from Kublai Khan at Chain Reaction in Anaheim California on 28th September! The Texan Metallic Hardcore crew bring the heat and with the follow up to “Nomad” entitled “Absolute” on the way via Rise Records, the machine is going to be relentlessly touring the Globe.

Playthrough: “Self Destruct” from Kublai Khan!

Isaac Lamb otherwise known as the sticksman for Texas Metallic Hardcore heavyweights Kublai Khan was filmed during his performance of “Antpile” and new song “Self Destruct” at Chain Reaction in Anaheim California. The new song will appear on the new album and follow up to the simply stunning “Nomad” which appears on 4th October via

Bootleg: Kublai Khan in Minnesota!

Including new song “Self Destruct” alongside the likes of “Antpile” and “True Fear”, here’s a Pro-Shot full set from Kublai Khan at the Fallout Urban Art  Center in Minneapolis Minnesota on 17th September! The Texas heavy hitters will be landing that anvil strike on 4th October with “Absolute” via Rise Records!

NEWS: Kublai Khan get Self Destructive!

They’ve kept it quiet but Texan Metallic Hardcore heavyweights Kublai Khan have announced they will be bringing the heat on 4th October via Rise Records which will see the follow up to the brilliant “Nomad” entitled “Absolute” fall from the 10th story of an apartment building like a burning grand piano. They have let us

Documentary: Mixing Kublai Khan live!

Leo Sypniewski has continued his “Behind The Mix” series with an insight into how he built the mix of Kublai Khan‘s set at The Foundary Concert Club in Lakewood Ohio around their rhythm section. If you haven’t already… Check out “Nomad” out now via Rise Records and our review!

Bootleg: Kubali Khan In Lakewood Ohio!

15th November saw Kubali Khan tear up The Foundary Concert Club in Lakewood Ohio with this 28 minute set! Their third full length “Nomad” out now via Rise Records was easily one of the highlights of 2017! Will the Sherman Texas Metalcore quintet be recording a new album in 2019? Only time will tell….

Bootleg: Kubali Khan in Atlanta!

The Nomadic Kubali Khan were caught on camera at Masquerade in Atlanta Georgia on 10th November! “8 Years”, “B.C.”, “Antpile & The Hammer” and “Ghost Pains” all Pro-Shot from the Matt Honeycutt fronted Metallic Hardcore wrecking crew. Their album “Nomad” is a fine piece of work and out now, check out our review!