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Review: “The Summoning” by Omnifariam

Mixed and Mastered by Nelson Rosa at Wolf Cave Studios (Another Fallen Soldier, Outbreak Hate) and with drums recorded by José Ibañez at Monopolio Records (Tropiezo, Xtra Vomit, El Siempreterno), the chamber spins three for San Juan, Puerto Rico Death Metal act Omnifariam with “The Summoning“. Having receiving high praise for both 2016 EP “Vitiate”

NEWS: Omnifariam become desensitized?

As the darkness of winter approaches the return of Omnifariam with Josean Orta of Fit for an Autopsy gracing the drum stool is the equivalent of a glass of fine wine in front of a warm fire. The Blackened Death Metal quartet are celebrating the release of their latest burnt offering “The Summoning” and have

Spotlight: Omnifariam prepare for “The Summoning”!

Hailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Omnifariam have carved a reputation as one of the heaviest Death Metal acts on the Island. Receiving high praise for both 2016 EP “Vitiate” and 2019 follow up full length “The Art of Collision” thet earned the right of passage to share stages with prestigious names like Dying Fetus, Suffocation