Spotlight: Omnifariam prepare for “The Summoning”!

Hailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Omnifariam have carved a reputation as one of the heaviest Death Metal acts on the Island. Receiving high praise for both 2016 EP “Vitiate” and 2019 follow up full length “The Art of Collision” thet earned the right of passage to share stages with prestigious names like Dying Fetus, Suffocation and Vader.

Their next burnt offering “The Summoning” is the first to feature newly recruited drummer Josean Orta of Fit for an Autopsy fame. The story goes that Orta was asked to record drums for the EP following knee surgery in 2020 and wanted to use the opportunity to  getting back in shape to go on the road with Fit for an Autopsy. He enjoyed working with vocalist  Gabriel Muñoz, guitarist Eric Martínez and bassist Jorge Hernández so much, he decided to remain in the band.

Mixed and Mastered by Nelson Rosa at Wolf Cave Studios with drums recorded by José Ibañez at Monopolio Records and artwork from Giannis Nakos, 18th November will see “The Summoning”, unvieled with “Deceivers of the Bleak” and “The Ousiders” given as pre-release cuts. For those Omnifariam have created  alchemy with Death Metal in different directions and eras, conjuring Blackened, Old school and new school vibes. Pre-orders are available over at bandcamp.

Omnigariam informs: “‘The Outsiders’ tells the story of a blossoming society that gets trampled by a foreign legion for the sake of holding them down. This single shows a change of pace for us, and we’re excited to have it out there for you to enjoy

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