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NEWS: Dematerialize reach the heart of the matter?

After three singles in “Rancid Earth“, “Prime Evil” and “The Abyss Below” last year Illinois quartet Dematerialize have given us a fourth from a 16th February via Famined Records releasing sophomore album “The Abyss Below“. That new single “Heart of a Blossom” joins the pile of DJent fuelled Progressive Metal tracks of punishing riffs, relentless

NEWS: Dematerialize respawn at the “Lighthouse”!

What better way to celebrate your album release date than with a music video for one of it’s finer cuts? Dematerialize have chosen “Lighthouse” from “Omniscience”, their debut full length DJent fuelled Progressive Metal album for Famined Records, out today. Expect relentless chugs, melodic sweeps and atmospheric keys with a rhythm section that will pound you

NEWS: Dematerialize feeling like summer!

The sun might be setting on summer but it hasn’t stopped Famined Records signings Dematerialize inking a track about it with Kalan Beal from Austin Texas Metalcore crew Notions making a guest appearance. The new cut will appear on the Illinois Progressive Tech Metallers upcoming new record “Omniscience“, which is slated for 19th September.

Playthrough: “Binary Sunset” from Dematerialize!

…with the slow creep towards 18th September and new album “Omniscience” surfacing via Famined Records, Dematerialize have premiered a playthrough of single “Binary Sunset“. The album, which has cover art depicting a Borg esq cube space ship adorned with the eye of the Egyptian God Ra moving through space is available for pre-order here.

NEWS: Dematerialize begin to Transcend!

18th September will see “Omniscience“, the sophomore EP from Dematerialize surfacing via Famined Records with single “Transcendence” out today. The Illinois quartet who blend Progressive Tech Metal with DJent or as they put it “make use of relentless chugs, melodic sweeps and atmospheric keys to mercilessly pound the listener into submission” are looking to get back

NEWS: Time to head to the Astral plane with Dematerialize?

Chicago Illinois Progressive Tech-Metallers Dematerialize have premiered single “Astral” from their now dated 18th September debut full length album for Famined Records. Entitled “Omniscience“, we await confirmation of the track listing as 2019 singles “Dead Orbit” and “Ghost” released since since their 2018 debut EL have clocked up the better part of an incredible 150k