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Documentary: Sumo Cyco on Bus Invaders!

Half past due a new album to follow 2021’s third and first with Napalm Records in “Initiation“, Canadians Sumo Cyco were caught on camera on 10th December at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago Illinois. The quartet were on the undercard of the Million Watts Tour that saw Nonpoint, (hed)p.e. and VRSTY tear up the road

Documentary: Behind The Scenes of “Vertigo” with Sumo Cyco!

A week after they released single “Vertigo” from their upcoming major label debut album “Intuition“, Canadian Alternative Metallers Sumo Cyco have gone back to the video for a behind the scenes featurette, something made all the more special because the band do their own videos completely DIY. It’s not long before the album drops either,

NEWS: Sumo Cyco get go Alfred Hitchcock…

As the third album from Canadian Alternative Metallers Sumo Cyco is just around the corner, they’ve elected to use their tour free time to shoot another music video and premier a new track. The cut of choice is “Vertigo” and it’s the fifth suggesting that as they have done previously every single song could well

NEWS: Sumo Cycle will never surrender!

Maintaining their independent work ethic which landed them a deal with Napalm Records, Canadian Alternative Metallers Sumo Cyco have created a music video for “No Surrender” from their upcoming third album “Initiation“. Another one accredited to the song writing partnership of Sever and Drake, the album drops on 7th May as they continue to blur

Playthrough: “Bystander #2” from Sumo Cyco!

The promotional work for the upcoming 7th May debut for Napalm Records “Initiation” continues for Sumo Cyco with guitarist Matt “MD13” Drake recording a playthrough for the recent single “Bystander“. It follows a one take rehearsal style live vocal from Skye “Sever” Sweetnam of the very same cut last week that was joined by the

Playthrough: “Bystander” from Sumo Cyco!

A one take vocal rehearsal video from Sumo Cyco frontwoman Sever of the bands recent single “Bystander” is another way to push the envelope of their third studio record “Initiation“, which will be their first for major label Napalm Records. That will be dropping on 7th May having originally been crowd funded and their will

Documentary: “Bystander” from Sumo Cyco!

We’ve had the music video and the live stream so now it’s time for the behind the scenes footage from the video shoot for “Bystander“, the third single behind “Love You Wrong” and “Run With The Giants” from Canadian quartet Sumo Cyco. They set the date of 7th May for the release of the album

NEWS: Sumo Cyco set May day!

Having escaped Cyco City with Opus Mar, Canadian quartet Sumo Cyco had not that long ago announced their switch from being a successful independent outfit to signing to the label of the moment Napalm Records. Album number #3 has been a long time coming but now has been given a date of 7th May with

Documentary: Napalm Next Door visits Canada and Sumo Cyco!

The latest episode of “Napalm Next Door” gives us a tour of an incredible brick church home belonging to Sumo Cyco with vocalist Sever. The band have a third album in the works that has been crowdfunded and has seen a clutch of singles released however signed to Napalm Records not that long ago, joining

Interview: Q&A with Sumo Cyco!

Joining the growing collection of bands doing live Q&A sessions, last night guitarist Matt Drake and vocalist Sever from Canadian Alternative Metallers Sumo Cyco spoke to the fans about everything and anything including the status of their as yet incomplete crowdfunded third album and going from being independent to working with Napalm Records.