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NEWS: Aborted bring out their dead…

For their twelfth studio album titled “Vault Of Horrors“, Belgian Deathgrind chainsaw assassins Aborted have lined up a member of Death Metal or Deathcore royalty to appear on every single one for the ten tracks that appear on it. Just stop and take that in for a moment. Recorded with producer Dave Otero (Allegaeon, Cattle

Playthrough: “Befouler” from Ov Sulfur!

Who in their right mind actually thought that Century Media would be signing Deathcore bands of various flavours over the past couple of years? And yet they have been seriously successful… One of those bands is American Blackened outfit Ov Sulfur, whose drummer Leviathvn plays through “Befouler” from the bands album “The Burden Ov Faith“,

NEWS: Ov Sulfur and Mental Cruelty join a Hivemind…

Who knew that the monster that is “The Burden Ov Faith” from American Blackened Deathcore operatives Ov Sulfur had any left over material? Described as a b-side, a track called “Hivemind” has been shared by label home Century Media which features a guest vocal appearance from Lukas Nicoli of Mental Cruelty. The timing is all

NEWS: Aborted find video nasties in the Vault Of Horrors!

Recorded with producer Dave Otero (Allegaeon, Cattle Decapitation) Belgian Deathgrind collective Aborted are once again to remind us that their nation is as famous for them as much as their beer and chocolate with a twelfth studio album titled “Vault Of Horrors“. Said to be inspired by legendary horror films on VHS including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,

Playthrough: “Earthen” from Ov Sulfur!

As the burden of faith still weighs heavy on their skulls, Ov Sulfur have put forward guitarist Chase Wilson while on tour in Denver, Colorado to shoot a guitar playthrough for “Earthen.” He plays Balaguer guitars, Fishman pickups and Ernie Ball strings for the Las Vegas Nevada based Blackened Deathcore collective who feature in their

Playthrough: “Earthen” from Ov Sulfur!

Damaging Meinl cymbals, a Ludwig Black Magic snare, Myplex Mydentity drums is Ov Sulfur sticksman Leviathan and with good cause. A playthrough video for “Earthen” from the Blackened Deathcore collectives Century Media debut album “The Burden Ov Faith” and you know it’s got the finger prints of Josh Schroeder (Lorna Shore, Tallah, Signs Of The

NEWS: Ov Sulfur premier “Wide Open”!

Saving the best until last, an album release day music video for “Wide Open” which features a guest vocal appearance from none other than Howard Jones of Light The Torch and Killswitch Engage fame has aired via Century Media. The cut is by Las Vegas Blackened Deathcore collective Ov Sulfur with “The Burden Ov Faith”

Review: “The Burden Ov Faith” by Ov Sulfur

“I wanted to put something out there that was as blasphemous and heavy as it was thought-provoking; I just had no idea how many people felt the same way. It’s always been the same thing that’s inspired me – the terrible things that have been done in the name of religion. Even in Suffokate, I

Interview: Ov Sulfur talk “The Burden Ov Faith” with Heavy New York!

Elected representative and guitarist Chase Wilson spoke to Heavy New York about his bands Technical Blackened Deathcore offering “The Burden Ov Faith” ahead of its 24th March arrival via Century Media. Crafted alongside producer Morgoth Beatz (Winds of Plague, Scarlxrd), then mixed and mastered by maestro Josh Schroeder (Lorna Shore, Tallah), Ov Sulfur then had former

NEWS: Ov Sulfur premier “Befouler”, Alex Terrible guests!

Crafted by the band alongside producer Morgoth Beatz (Winds of Plague, Scarlxrd), then mixed and mastered by maestro Josh Schroeder (Lorna Shore, Tallah), the new album “The Burden Ov Faith” from Ov Sulfur sees the two split engineering of vocals and drums, respectively, with former Machine Head and current Once Human guitarist Logan Mader stepping