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NEWS: Sonus Mortis search for spare parts?

Joining the wealth of AI and Technology based music videos appearing in the past seven days Irish Blackened Melodic Death Doom martyr¬†Sonus Mortis has dropped one for “Nanotech Required“. An integral part of album “Collapse The Mountain” is arrives four months short of the tenth anniversary of Kevin Byrne’s three track debut demo. If you

NEWS: Sonus Mortis enter The Matrix!

“I won’t ignore the atrocities. I won’t be part of your policies. You won’t be rid of this disease. You won’t make a machine out of me. Regenerate me. 3D print me. Perfect the code and render us all obsolete. In the mouths of the mad screams reality. Elites shape the perception of a controlled

Review: “Collapse The Mountain” by Sonus Mortis

Having exited stage left from Melodic Death Metal act Valediction after serving seven years as their bassist for his seven deadly sins in 2012, multi instrumentalist Kevin Byrne went on to form Sonus Mortis a year later as a solo project initially in the realm of Symphonic Death-Doom Metal. Influences in Bolt Thrower, Opeth, Behemoth

NEWS: Sonus Mortis prepare to Collapse The Mountain!

It might not be available for pre-order yet but their new album “Collapse The Mountain” from Sonus Mortis will see release on 1st December. The direction of travel will be an intriguing one after the last record “Past Lives” found multi instrumentalist Kevin Byrne shift from his usual Death Doom Metal with Symphonic Black Metal

NEWS: Sonus Mortis announce “Collapse The Mountain”!

It may not be available for pre-order as yet but 1st December will see Christmas come early for Sonus Mortis fans as album number six titled “Collapse The Mountain“, once again mixed and mastered by Mick Richards at Trackmix Studios in Dublin Ireland is set to land upon our skulls. Breaking with tradition, mastermind, multi

NEWS: Sonus Mortis warn of the devouring design…

“How can it be that this devouring design led to creation? Just willed into being with hands drawing hands. The pen and the ink predestination. Strange loop source code intertwined”¬† Nine months after “Past Lives” first broke the airwaves offering up a fresh wound in Melodic Death Metal from Irish multi instrumentalist Sonus Mortis a

Exclusive Interview: Sonus Mortis talk “Past Lives”!

At the forefront of Irish Dark Metal, combining elements of Black Metal with Melodic Death Metal is Kevin Byrne, the multi instrumentalist behind solo project Sonus Mortis. The former Valediction bassist unveiled a new album in “Past Lives” a few weeks back, the follow up to the critically acclaimed “Hold This Mortal Coil” and was

Review: “Past Lives” by Sonus Mortis

Former Valediction bassist Kevin Byrne has been grafting at the Symphonic Dark Metal coal face for the past eight years in Dublin Ireland, grinding out five full length albums and a demo in that time. Each one of those has seen his stature as a multi instrumentalist working under the moniker Sonus Mortis grow progressively

NEWS: Sonus Mortis look death in the eyes…

The follow up to the critically acclaimed fifth studio album “Hold This Mortal Coil” from multi instrumentalist and former Valediction bassist Kevin Byrne’s solo project Sonus Mortis has seen another preview with the title track “Past Lives” beginning its streaming life. 25th August is the date inked in blood in the Black Book for the