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Playthrough: “Question Authority” from Core System!

Inspired by the likes of Periphery, Croatians Core System took two long years to create the Tech-Fest appearance worthy album “Contrast”. Bassist Eugene Baranasic has taken some studio time to record a bass playthrough video for one of the stand out tracks in “Question Authority” and you can pick up the album over at bandcamp

Documentary: Periphery Guitar Lesson!

How often is it that a guitarist like Mark Holcomb from Periphery would get a guitar lesson? And even if they wanted some critical assessment of their playing, who would they even go to? Well Reverb paired him up with Yvette Young of Covet so the duo could share some epic riff wizardry. Periphery will

Playthrough: “Lately” from Core System!

Using an Ibanez RGMS8 coupled with Fractal Axe FX Ultra, Core System guitarist Josip Novak has recorded a playthrough video for “Lately” from the Croatian Progressive Metalcore bands freshly painted summer album “Contrast”. They took part in our “Under The Influence” Series, sharing their love of “III: Select Difficulty Level” by Periphery.  

Playthrough: “Our Endless War” from Whitechapel!

Whitechapel sticksman Alex Rudinger has enlisted the help of Periphery bassist Adam “Nolly” Getgood to mix the drums on a sequence of playthrough videos recorded during some tour rehearsals Tennessee. The kit he recorded the title track of the album “Our Endless War” on was the one he used for the first Good Tiger album…

Playthrough: “Follow Your Ghost” from Periphery!

Filmed on their recent North American Tour in “behind the kit” style, here’s  Periphery drummer Matt Halpern playing “Follow Your Ghost”. The second playthrough this week, the original appears on “Hail Stan”, the Progressive DJentlemen’s first foray into independence. Having recorded the bass tracks for the album despite stepping away officially, it will be interesting to

Review: “Shaped By Fire” by As I Lay Dying

There isn’t that much that can be said about returning San Diego California Metalcore crew As I Lay Dying that hasn’t been said over the last few years. They blazed a trail between 2000 and 2014 with 2003’s “Frail Words Collapse” and 2005’s “Shadows Are Security” making waves in the first run of Metalcore. But

Playthrough: “Chvrch Bvrner” from Periphery!

DJentlemen Periphery will in town in November with Plini and Astronoid and hopefully drummer Matt Halpern will be as happy with his performance of “Chvrch Bvrner” as he is with this live drum playthrough! The shows of course come in support of the pioneers first foray into independence, creating 3DOT Recordings and putting the album

Review: “Exagora” EP from 13th Notion

Music is part of humanity, interwoven into our collective DNA and the type of music that we like is Metal. If a reminder was ever needed that this form of music is a Global phenomenon, Calcutta India is the home of 13th Notion, a Progressive quintet with a reputation for groove laiden polyrhythmic guitar work

NEWS: Periphery burn churches?

Progressive Tech-Metal pioneers Periphery will come for tour upon our shores in November with Plini and Astronoid in tow. The shows are in support of their new album “Hail Stan” so they’ve given “Chvrch Bvrner”, the full music video treatment and as you might expect, it’s just a little bit weird.