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Documentary: Dead Tree Seeds “Perpetual Chaos Tour” Episode #1!

What better way to capture history than film a documentary short for the fans? Old School Thrash act Dead Tree Seeds have done exactly that as they’ve headed from Paris to Spain to join Nervosa for the headlining tour for their current album “Perpetual Chaos“. The shows follow the quintets EP “Back To The Seeds”

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Countless Bathory

Black Metal overlords Venom entrusted Cronos to rewrite history and the tale of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, the most prolific female serial killer that history has recorded and in doing so he only served to enhance the darkness of folklore that surrounds her. Born in 1560; she was said to be a highly intelligent, educated and

Playthrough: “Until The End” from Nervosa!

Recorded in the MLC studio in Poland when signing a contract for an endorsement for guitar cabinets, guitarist Prika Amaral from now International Thrashers Nervosa is joined by long time friend Guilherme Miranda of Entombed AD and Krow fame for a rendition of “Until The Very End” from the bands now year old return album

Bootleg: “Godless Prisoner” from Nervosa!

Filmed at Dragon Rojo Metal Fest in Tijuana Mexico, the first anniversary of “Perpetual Chaos” has been celebrated with Nervosa sharing a live performance of “Godless Prisoner“. The band, rebuilt from the ground up with Prika Amaral firmly entrenched as the sole original member of the group for the album, will be in Europe in

Playthrough: “Genocidal Command” from Nervosa!

After sharing a live rendition of the track this past weekend, Nervosa have returned with a playthrough video for “Genocidal Command” that puts guitarist Prika Amaral firmly in the spotlight. She maybe the only original member of the line up left but with new album “Perpetual Chaos” they have pulled one from the grave. The

Bootleg: “Genocidal Command” from Nervosa!

Ahead of their epic 17th February starting European Double Thrash co-headlining tour with Warbringer that will take them from Hamburg to Manchester, all female multinational Thrash Goddesses Nervosa have shared a live rendition of “Genocidal Command“. Recorded at during their set at Dragon Rojo Fest in Tijuana Mexico, it sees the band build on the

Documentary: “Guided By Evil” from Nervosa!

Celebrating one year since their single “Guided By Evil” appeared before us like a ghost in music video form, multinational female metalheads Nervosa have shared a full making of featurette from behind the scenes of the shoot. It appears on the bands current album “Perpetual Chaos” that will see the retooled outfit joining Warbringer to

NEWS: Nervosa and Warbringer join forces!

…with more dates to appear in some large gaps in the itinerary unveiled so far, Double The Thrash will see Nervosa joined by Warbringer for a co-headlining reign of terror across Europe. So far a quartet of shows have been announced for April upon our shores but sadly Warfect will only be supporting on some

NEWS: Nervosa cover “Countless Bathory”!

Still yet to be able to play any shows around their new album “Perpetual Chaos“, the now multinational Nervosa have shared cover of “Countless Bathory” by Venom that sees vocalist Diva Satanica joined by Jeff Mantas Dunn. We’re not one hundred percent sure that if a cover includes an appearance from a member of the