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Documentary: “Guided By Evil” from Nervosa!

Celebrating one year since their single “Guided By Evil” appeared before us like a ghost in music video form, multinational female metalheads Nervosa have shared a full making of featurette from behind the scenes of the shoot. It appears on the bands current album “Perpetual Chaos” that will see the retooled outfit joining Warbringer to

NEWS: Nervosa and Warbringer join forces!

…with more dates to appear in some large gaps in the itinerary unveiled so far, Double The Thrash will see Nervosa joined by Warbringer for a co-headlining reign of terror across Europe. So far a quartet of shows have been announced for April upon our shores but sadly Warfect will only be supporting on some

NEWS: Nervosa cover “Countless Bathory”!

Still yet to be able to play any shows around their new album “Perpetual Chaos“, the now multinational Nervosa have shared cover of “Countless Bathory” by Venom that sees vocalist Diva Satanica joined by Jeff Mantas Dunn. We’re not one hundred percent sure that if a cover includes an appearance from a member of the

Documentary: The Making of “Under Ruins” by Nervosa!

Nervosa have always been a band trapped in the eye of a storm with continuous line up changes almost putting them to an end but guitarist Prika Amaral simply would not let the beast die and so was born “Perpetual Chaos“, a new album with a completely new line up and in single “Under Ruins”

Documentary: Nervosa Introductions #4!

The fourth and final part of the biological documentary series that has seen each member of the freshly retooled Nervosa tell us where they came from and where they see the band going now. This one focuses on new vocalist Diva Satanica, who you may know from her time in Bloodhunter and her role in the

Playthrough: “Under Ruins” from Nervosa!

The only member of the re-tooled line up of Nervosa yet to appear in their musician biography series is new vocalist Diva Satanica who came to the attention of guitarist Prika Amaral with her performances in Bloodhunter. As the other members have all had their say on themselves, no doubt she’ll be up next, but

Documentary: Nervosa Introductions #3!

Having re-tooled their line up for their new album “Perpetual Chaos“, the now multinational all female Thrash quartet Nervosa have filmed some brographical videos to introduce each member of the group. The third installment gives the red carpet limelight to New drummer Eleni Nota, following bassist Mia Wallace, formerly of Abbath and guitarist Prika Amaral

Playthrough: “Venomous” from Nervosa!

The success of “Perpetual Chaos“, the new album from the now multinational all female Thrash  quartet Nervosa has come with the renewed energy of having a refresher line up with Diva Satanica of Bloodhunter fame and Mia Wallace of Abbath now on board. From the evidence of the record itself they have enthused and reinvigorated

NEWS: Nervosa give the command!

If you haven’t heard “Perpetual Chaos“, the new album from the new line up of Brazilian Thrash quartet Nervosa as yet then here’s something to sink your teeth into. Featuring a guest appearance from Marcel “Schmier” Schirmer, the bassist and vocalist of German Blackened Thrash Metal pioneers Destruction, the ladies have shared a lyric video

Documentary: Nervosa Introductions #2!

After last week’s introduction to new bassist Mia Winter Wallace (ex-Abbath), the now multi national all female Thrash Metal outfit Nervosa have chosen the only woman left standing from the original line up in guitarist Prika Amaral for the second of their video biographies. If you missed it, their new album and first together with